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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Traffic Light Tree

I defy anyone not to smile at this. It is in Londons Docklands, just next to Canary Wharf. It is deliberately mimicking the Plane trees planted next to it. The lights change constantly - although they are mostly red! Most people driving through know about it but it us really worth waiting until someone who doesn't know drives up to it. Believe me, it is obvious! As ever another shot is on My Other Stuff

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Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (07:46) : 

I had heard about this "tree", glad I could get to see it now! I suspect it's christmas all year long on that roundabout, right?



Blogger Anna said ... (08:15) : 

Merveilleux ! J'adore!!


Blogger Eric said ... (08:22) : 

Excellent Ham! What inspired somebody to do this? Was it an artist or the city who came up with the idea?


Blogger Ham said ... (08:50) : 

Manuel - Christmas, diwali and channukah at the same time!

Anna - merci!

Eric - this it wonderful - the artist Pierre Vivant was born in Paris!


Blogger st├ęphanie et arnaud said ... (09:02) : 

Very funny ! thanks ham !


Blogger nebel said ... (10:51) : 

Good thing I don't live in London! I would just stand before this thing all day and never get anything done... ;) It's beautuful!


Blogger Anne said ... (11:13) : 

Hahaha you got me on this one! First thing i thought when i first saw it without reading the text was: what the f_ck is wrong with this town! Hahaha! Next time i'd read the text first before thinking. LOL!


Blogger Rob said ... (15:34) : 

This tree would drive Germans crazy!


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (08:56) : said it, not the stupid American this time. I would have thought that the germans would have it all figured out and KNOW which way to go. I love this photo.


Blogger steve said ... (17:03) : 

Haha! I was laughing at this, and then read that you defy anyone not to smile at this. You got me, nice one! Steve


Blogger Post-Denom Jew said ... (23:16) : 

London is so cool. I've been there three times and am just amazed at the modern architecture, the graphic font of the Underground, the overall sense of harmony and design vision of the city

I live in NYC and I am somtimes bombarded by blatant warring consumerism. It is so in your face in NYC.


Blogger M said ... (00:28) : 

I had seen that photo before, but I always assumed it was a photoshop. I didn't know this was a real sculpture! How cool! Thanks for posting this. :)


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (11:35) : 

So it's in Canary Wharf! Thanks for this Ham. I'd love to watch people try to understand it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02:27) : 

When I first drove up to the roundabout intersection where this thing lives, I was totally confused. It made my day! Although if I had been just a little more distracted by it and run into the chap in front of me, I dare say it would not have been quite so amusing. It is a victory for mirth over misery.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:39) : 

What a great idea! I want to see this tree once in my life!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:00) : 

Wow! I had no idea this was real! This "tree" is on the cover of "Doctor Who - The Time Travellers" and the writer, Simon Guerrier, is the one who told me that this thing actually exists when he signed my copy of the book. A definite "must see" and photo op next time I'm in London!


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