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Friday, March 10, 2006

Tea for two

These inscrutable orientals are above the Twinings shop in The Strand.

Tea, and the tea trade, has played a major part in shaping the world's history, so....

How to make a perfect cup of leaf tea.

Choose your tea - Assam is a strong tea with body, Ceylon is a little lighter - experiment! Empty the kettle and fill with fresh water (let the tap run a while). Boil, and use a little water to warm the pot. Pour out this water, and put in a teaspoon of tea for each person, an extra one "for the pot" AND (top tip coming here) a pinch of Earl Grey tea. Pour on the boiling water and let draw for a few minutes. Pour, add milk or lemon and sugar to taste. Enjoy!

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Comments on "Tea for two"


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (00:39) : 

Well now I finally know how to make tea for my British friends (who always gasp at my instant and iced versions). But tell me, why the pinch of Earl Grey?


Blogger midnitebara said ... (03:07) : 

Thanks for that lesson. About those chinese, I like the way the one with the yellow shirt kind of look at me.Nice pic.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04:00) : 

You are obviously an expert tea maker. I find people don't boil the water to the right temperature. I like to have the steam a yard long before pouring from the kettle.


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (04:05) : 

Great photo Sir!

I have a British friend (yeah, right there, I know this will surprise you ;-) ), but, I have a British friend who got all offended when he saw me pour milk in my tea. I guess this isn't the proper etiquette? (or was he just giving me a hard time - that British-French friendship thing)



Blogger Peter said ... (09:38) : 

Quite right Manuel - the milk should go in first. Ham you should be ashamed of yourself! ;-) (but then we can debate it for hours)


Blogger chris.h. said ... (10:01) : 

Ill stick to Tetleys thanks Ham--Earl Grey---ughhh!!


Blogger Ham said ... (10:48) : 

Michael - the pinch of Earl Grey adds to the body of the flavour, without being detectable.

Jean - I reckon that it is most important to get the pot warm, doesn't matter how much you boil it - water doesn't get hotter than 100 degrees. Tea is best brewed at around 95 degrees, so the longer you can keep it at that temperature the better.

Manuel - this thread and comments from Ms Witch's brewing cauldron probably has more than you want about the subject of milk in tea!

Pete - So number 32 has improved, huh? But I do have a pet hate about people putting too much milk into tea - no matter when it is added. As a matte of interest, I always believed that the etiquette based milk first arises from the confidence that the tea is made perfectly and you don't need to see how strong it is.

Chris - you can't taste it, really! (and it improves Tetley, too)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:29) : 

I like to put milk in second. I gather the queen does too, and if that's true it must have some deep significance but it escapes me.


Blogger Nicola said ... (12:58) : 

Thanks for the tea brewing lesson! I'll have to try out what you mentioned with the pinch of Earl Grey! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing the secret!!!


Blogger julia said ... (14:36) : 

Earl Grey Twinings tea is my FAVORITE! And I pass by that shop with such envy practically every day -- I just want to live there and drink tea all day. Thanks for the up close detail!


Blogger SisinWah said ... (21:25) : 

I'm sorry to say, I'm not that much into tea - the tea I had in boarding school was so bad that I never fully recovered... So, I'm more of a coffee drinker. But I do like Earl Grey very much and I should start cultivating the art of tea drinking. And I shall follow the recipe (but no milk for me)! Thanks.
After all it was also a Portuguese woman - Queen Catherine, wife of Charles II - who introduced the custom of tea drinking to the English aristocracy!
Lovely photo, very interesting blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:14) : 

A nice reminder of the things we value here


Blogger Ham said ... (00:30) : 

nicola - let me know how you like it!

julia - thanks!

sisiwah - I have to admin that I didn't know how it was introduced, fascinating. I have VERY little milk in my tea,too.

michael - thanks, I think I'll have a cup now and image I was sitting down watching the sun go down in Port Villa... perfect!


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (07:42) : 

It looks like the pre-lactation vs. post-lactation is controversial... two schools of thought apparently?



Blogger Anne said ... (07:58) : 

I love twinnings tea! Thanks for the lesson on tea preps :)


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (20:09) : 

I live near a tiny village in Gloucestershire called Twyning. When writing an article about it, i found out that the original Twinings family comes from there, finally moving to LONDON to 'start up in business'. You can find details on the Twinings site.


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