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Friday, April 21, 2006

Chelsea Pensioners

If you were walking along Kings Road, Chelsea you might come across people dressed like this, with hats rather like a kepi. They are the Chelsea Pensioners, retired army personnel, with a history dating back 300 years.

I'd love to be able to sit with them and talk, to hear their stories like this.

This picture is of them in their ordinary blue uniforms, I will post one of them in their special red ones, another time.

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Blogger Lisi said ... (08:50) : 

Hi Ham, do they wear the uniform because they want to or is that an requirement?


Blogger Ham said ... (12:08) : 

It is a condition of their residence at the Chelsea Hospital. They can wear the blue uniforms if they are in the area - if they go futher away, and for ceremonial occasions they wear red uniform and a tricorn hat.


Blogger Brian Dubé said ... (20:11) : 

Very interesting post, and links. Quite a story, on those pensioners, and they do stand out in those uniforms. Can just imagine seeing one coming in a red coat...


Blogger breadchick said ... (23:00) : 

Ham, great picture of the lads in their blues. They are quite dashing in their reds and a group of them can often be found at The Albert in Westminster on Victoria St on Thursday evening (if my memory serves me). They are most happy to tell you stories as long as you stand them a pint or two ;-)


Blogger heidi said ... (01:57) : 

Very distinguished!


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (05:45) : 

Ham, thank you for this photo. I used to live not far from the King's Road and I believe the hospital is there for the Pensioners. I might be totally confused now, but I remember seeing them walking by and wanting to do the same thing...sit and talk - mostly listen, to them.


Blogger Anna said ... (19:51) : 

J'adore cette photo.


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