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Sunday, April 30, 2006

India or London?

Which country are we in today?

This beautiful Sikh temple is the Gurdwara Karamsar, in Ilford. The stonewok on the front is carved, and it took eleven stonemasons from Rajasthan eighteen months to complete. The craftsmanship is truly awesome - do have a look at the detail, I have posted other pics on My Other Stuff. It is based on the Gurdwara Karamasar, in Rara Sahib, Ludhiana.

Fascinating fact of the day: In the Sikh (rember to pronounce the "H") religion, women have equal standing with men.

Today's theme for City Photo Bloggers was suggested by Jenny of Sharon, CT Daily Photo: places in our own cities that look like other countries. Why not travel around the ring to see what other cities have joined this theme? You can also visit the Indian subcontinent in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai on the Daily Photo blogroll.

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Comments on "India or London?"


Blogger Carrie Nichols said ... (05:41) : 

Really does look like India! Great shot.


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (06:49) : 

I'm amazed not only of the shot and the building, but the explanation you gave. Seems like you did your research! By the way, how on earth do you say the "H" in "Sikh"! You'd laugh listening to me try.


Blogger Ham said ... (09:27) : 

Carol - this building is quite near me and I watched in fascination as the carving went on. To look at it now,most people probably think that it is cast, not carved, but that belies the astonishing artistic strength that is demonstrated in the traditional discipline. Imagine, if you will, the difference between the real Van Gogh Sunflowers, and a print.

Michael, I went in to the Gurdwara and was welcomed with open arms by many people (I hope some get to see this post). The manager was very helpful, told me some history and pointed me to some sites. It was one such site that told me that the pronunciation that I (and all English?) use of "seek" is wrong. Istead, it should be see-kah, duosyllabic. Mind you, I reckon using it in common conversation might render my meaning obscure, but I will bear it in mind when talking to a Sikh. Plus, of course, it is always subject to the standard sanity test of anything you find on the Internet...

I didn't have enough time then, but I have been invited to go and be shown around; I think I may well take this up.


Blogger Unknown said ... (17:56) : 

Wow! This is terrific. Thank you.


Blogger Sam said ... (21:02) : 

This is so grat!!
Love the shot - and the riddle!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:25) : 

Now, I'm probably going to make myself unpopular by saying this, but how the hell do they get planning permission to put up buildings like this, that are so out of keeping with the local architecture?

If *I* wanted to put up an out-of-keeping structure, there is no way I'd be granted permission...


Blogger Ham said ... (21:48) : 

BW - ....DO NOT get me started on the subject of panning process. As it happens this is a beautiful structure in a wasteland, so it deserves planning. But DO NOT get me started!


Blogger Deetsa said ... (06:58) : 

That is the most beautiful Sikh temple I've ever seen! The Sikh people are quite prevalent in my part of the world. I don't recall ever seeing a Sikh temple that looked this exotic and fascinating, though. Ours are usually white with gold accents


Blogger Ham said ... (07:51) : 

I should have mentioned - what was there before, if I remember correctly, was a car park.


Blogger Stumpy and The Rooster said ... (21:06) : 

That is amazing - I never would have guessed 'carved' - the detail is incredible.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:20) : 

You've had 'personal experience' of the 'vagaries' of planning in this country then Ham? ;)


Blogger ems said ... (22:32) : 

A well-timed photo as yesterday was Vaisakhi - the Sikh New Year.


Blogger Ham said ... (07:52) : 

BW - Which planning system is that? The one administered by automatons and reduced binary brains without a single "1" between them? The one where the eventual decisions are made by laypeople whose only reason for existence is toadying inside a political party and have even less knowledge and understanding of planning law? The one where the decision makers are virtually immune from the financial consequences of any decision they make? That the one you mean?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:43) : 

Yep, that's the one :)


Blogger Gerald (SK14) said ... (08:24) : 

12 months on and Hyde DP is revisiting those that took part in the "other city" theme, with links to the other participants.


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