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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who you gonna call? Coffeebusters!!!

Well I wouldn't normally promote this multinational chain, but the free coffee was astonishingly welcome yesterday, on a wet and miserable London marathon day. I could REALLY do with this tanker approach sometimes. Anybody else seen this?

By the way, as a coffee addict, I really enjoyed finding this blog of a London Daily Photo reader.

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Blogger scouter573 said ... (01:06) : 

There was a coffee-guy in Boston, many years ago (c. 1995) who worked the lanes of a toll booth. The cars would back up behind the toll booths and the fellow would wander among the lanes of stopped cars selling his coffee from the tank on his back.


Blogger luminlight said ... (04:28) : 

haha... that's a pretty neat contraption on the guy's back!


Blogger midnitebara said ... (08:03) : 

Hope he comes this way!


Blogger Ineke said ... (08:29) : 

We've got guys (and grlls) with beer instead of coffee at concerts!


Blogger Lisi said ... (11:35) : 

very cool...that would make a lot of friends for Starbucks...I have seen similar thing in a casino in Macao where they serve free tea, but they put the pot(?) inside a rattan basket.


Blogger ljubljana_photo said ... (13:53) : 

Great website.
Just if anyone is interested in another version of daily photo, I have just started one.

I'm addicted to all of the ones linked through this site, so maybe some others are too.


Blogger breadchick said ... (15:37) : 

I remember that guy on the MA Turnpike! I had forgotten about him but sure could have used him this morning on my commute when I sat at the 128/MA Pike Weston tolls in a 2 mile backup and finished my cup of coffee... Great picts of the Marathon, Ham.


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (16:11) : 

nice coffee shot! ;-)



Blogger chris.h. said ... (18:21) : 

2 great shots for the marathon with a brilliant feel for the occasion on both shots.Cant believe you didnt do it yourse;f Ham?? lol


Blogger Lorethian said ... (20:23) : 

Great shot, and I might want to mention that if you do some research into that company it isnt bad at all.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:06) : 

Scouter - I might have guessed it was American!

Dutchie - I seem to remember in one country, large glass urns of beer, is that what you mean?

Lisi - I think that sounds very civilised

Breadchick - I recomend a bike. No coffee, but no jams either

Manuel - it wsa more a shot of cofee

Chris - I could bike it, does that count? I can't imagine doing it.

Lorethian - Interesting. I have taken the time to investigate some, and it looks like a mixed bag, certainly not as bad as I expected. What I don't like is the way they have come to symbolise globalisation and the demise of traditional local shops.

Everyone else, thanks!


Blogger G Fraser said ... (22:55) : 

much through i too would grudge starbucks the publicity...this is a fantastic idea and a great contraption!


Blogger la femme said ... (19:34) : 

That is so cool! Kudos for ingenuity.


Blogger HappySlob said ... (04:34) : 

Lovely! :) Thanks Ham, for mentioning my coffee blog. I've gone and jazzed it up quite a bit - your blog inspired me to blogging greatness! (LOL Hey, I can try, right? hehe)

Visiting your blog makes London feel more real to me (stuck here in Calgary, Canada.) I love it here. Thanks again for all you do to bring a taste of London to all of us who wish we WERE there.

Take care,


Blogger Kala said ... (04:11) : 

HI Ham!

I just saw this photo and is amazed at how starbucks is everywhere!

If you would like to try some Kona Coffee from Hawaii, let me know - I'll send you some for free in gratitude for all that useful info you posted on photo blogging. I found them very useful!

You can email me your address if your interested in trying some hawaiian coffee!


Blogger Ham said ... (10:15) : 

Nicholas - thanks for the offer - you are too kind! Glad you found the "HowTo" helpful.


Blogger Steverino said ... (13:48) : 

Yes, I have seen photos of this marketing technique elsewhere, but can't recall where.

Boy, they must be scared to death of germs since he is wearing those plastic disposable gloves!

Steve, in dreary chilly windy Chicago


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