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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm forever blowing bubbles

Only, they've all burst. The title of this post isn't an obscure reference to Michael Jackson, but the title of the anthem of West Ham United Football Club, my local team. After many recent years in the doldrums, West Ham this year are back in the Premiership and got to the final of the FA Cup against Liverpool, played in Cardiff Millenium Stadium today. We came second. I have to say, though, it was a great game, score was 3-3 through extra time and the match was decided on penalties. Never mind, another time. This is their ground, I'll leave it till later to fill in some trivia bits.

(Follow to the Geezer's post to read some more about the atmosphere)

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Blogger Logan said ... (02:52) : 

From all accounts I've read it was a fantastic game. Sadly, I was working a 12 when the game was on for me. Thanks for knocking Sp*ds down to 5th.

Logan, an Arsenal supporter in the States.


Blogger AlexandLisa said ... (11:34) : 

Oh, I am sorry mate. Watched the game with my mate who is a big West Ham supporter. Well.. It was a great final, hard tough luck.

Went to Upton Park last year btw with my mate. I am a Plymouth supporter. West Ham won 5-0 but atleast I got a few good shots of the stadium =)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:09) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:09) : 

What *is* this game you are on about? ;)

And *coughs* how do you spell the word that means 'a span of a thousand years'?


Blogger chris.h. said ... (22:41) : 

You have my sympathy.It was a fantastic match,and even as a Northerner I actually wanted the 'ammers to win.You can be very proud of your boys Ham.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:56) : 

Thanks for the kind words folks, it was that kind of game it was a shame anyone had to win. Ah well.

BW - this is the WELSH thousand-year span, double "LL"s are obligatory but no others. It was late. I was tired and emotional and my keyboard sitcks ;-)


Blogger Andreea said ... (14:46) : 

great final! never fair to lose during the 11m! we supported West Ham over here :)


Blogger laminar_flow said ... (03:48) : 

What about West Ham firm.

Check the movie Green Street Hooligans.

Here's to the G.S.E.


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