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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oyez Oyez! Spread the word...

.... by mobile phone! Peter Moore, the London Town Crier (make sure your sound is on when you click the link)was at the Elephant's Arrival yesterday, and I couldn't help myself grabbing this shot of a thousand year old tradition, brought bang up to date!

His London's Town Crier website is full of interesting stuff like pictures, history of how town criers were used well into the 19th century to proclaim laws and news - because people couldn't read. Here is a more conventional pose.

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Comments on "Oyez Oyez! Spread the word..."


Blogger Mark said ... (09:44) : 

lol,just perfect! Maybe he is catching up on the news.


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:39) : 

interesting shot...again Ham, really love the elephant photo yesterday, wish I were there to see it


Blogger Jean said ... (19:54) : 

Only in London! Perfect pose.


Blogger Kala said ... (12:17) : 

you've got some really good photos!! This brought a smile to my face ;)


Blogger Natalie said ... (20:59) : 

That's awesome. I think my town could use a crier. =)


Blogger la femme said ... (22:07) : 

Haha- that's hilarious. Seeing actors in full historical garb, chatting on cell phones between takes is pretty funny too.


Blogger perle de rosée said ... (20:08) : 

The man seems very sympathic. I like the expression of the face. It is good caught.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:27) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:31) : 

sorry i am not Anonymous just pressed the wrong button silly me. Peter Moore London Town Crier


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