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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top Marks for St Michael Cornhill

Squeezed hard between two modern buildings is St Michael Cornhill, with history dating back to 1055. Burnt down in the fire of 1666 this building dates from about 1722, although some of its magnificent bells date from 1421. They often have lunchtime concerts, which are a great way to refresh your afternoon - do try one if you get a chance. And putting this post together, I found their rector's independent mindedblog, which makes good reading.

(For the non-British readers, "St Michael" is was - thanks Helen - the trademark of Marks & Spencer)

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Comments on "Top Marks for St Michael Cornhill"


Blogger Brian DubĂ© said ... (01:14) : 

Great info and the link to the blog is quite something, that guy is quite the contrarian, it's really entertaining...
also nice to see the narrow slice of the deep past peeking thru...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:43) : 

St Michael being the trade mark of Marks and Spencer is out of date, I am afraid. Hasn't been that for some time. You clearly don't buy your clothes at M&S Ham.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:45) : 

PS Peter Mullen, on the other hand, is getting to be well known as one of the few churchmen in the CoE who will speak his mind, no matter how untrendy his views are. More power to his elbow.


Blogger Sam said ... (09:56) : 

I love the color of the door!


Blogger Mark said ... (13:57) : 

Hi Ham, nothing to do with this pic, but have you any photos of the new Arsenal stadium?


Blogger Ham said ... (00:16) : 

Helen, you are right, twice. Mark - I haven't yet, but I 'll see what Ican do.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:21) : 

Despite being one of those awful lefties Peter Mullen would undoubtedly disaprove of, I also found his blog hilarious. Mind you, my father was one of those nerdy organ enthusiasts who could "could ramble on for hours about "wind power" and the functionality of various stops, diapasons etc". I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time. :) And it is good to see some unfashionable honesty for a change, even if I might not agree with his views. Thanks for pointing me in the direction.


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