Monday, June 05, 2006

Brian the Snail

Today's little bit of grafitti sparks a Magic Roundabout-fest. Located in the Seven Sisters Road, I've seen it there for the past 35 years, not sure whether it is meant to be Brian. Looking around for Magic Roundabout sites, I discovered there are some strange ones (what IS going on in that last photo?) but there are also normal ones.

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Comments on "Brian the Snail"


Blogger Sarah said ... (03:12) : 

That is so cool! I love that snail!


Blogger Deetsa said ... (07:42) : 

Well this is obviously something of British culture I've never seen. Thanks for the link!


Blogger Monica said ... (11:36) : 

Holy crap that roundabout is insane!


Blogger Jazzy said ... (14:47) : 

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Blogger scouter573 said ... (06:15) : 

I saw "The Magic Roundabout" and I immediately thought of Swindon, lovely Swindon. For those of us ('mericans) who are culture-challenged, which came first?


Blogger Mylagan said ... (08:43) : 

Thank you very much for the information about the roundabout in Swindon...I know we have to avoid that area now :) We spent a week in UK at the end of April (Tunbridge Wells) and the "classic" roundabouts were complicated enough for us.
Thank you too for this blog. I find it great and enjoy looking at it (nearly) every day. I've been to London maybe twice, when I was...younger, I really hope I'll come back again.
Funny the picture in your profile...there are other villages named "Le Ham" in France, did you know it ?
Have a nice day.
PS : Sorry for my bad English. I'm so sad I can't speak it fluently.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:48) : 

Scouter - Swindon came a long, long long time after anything else.

Lagan - glad you enjoy it, and no I hadn't realised there were others. I was recently in Trouville, saw the sign and had to detour. (BTW, your english is excellent)


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