Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The City of London has undergone spectacular change of recent years, moving from building the dreary concrete boxes in the sixties and seventies to exciting new projects today. None more so than this building, Originally built in 67 as Brittanic House, an example of the worst design, it has been reborn as CityPoint. This shows a full view of the building - you need a serious architectural camera to take this.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:45) : 

Yep it's a very modern building. Like it too :)


Blogger Sarah said ... (22:21) : 

Wow! I absolutely love that opening. Though it sort of reminds me of a Roman military helmet. Is it just me?


Blogger Natalie said ... (00:26) : 

To me it looks like an eyelid. Very cool.


Blogger Marie McC said ... (15:03) : 

I like it, but I'd hate to be the one who has to keep it clean!


Blogger Ham said ... (18:36) : 

Carmen - fascinating! Always interesting to see connections like that.

Sarah - I thought eye to start with, but helmet is there, too

Marie - most of these are "self cleaning" facings. (Does that mean pigeons wipe their bottoms?)


Blogger PDPB said ... (17:13) : 

I know this place well - just around the corner from Bloomberg.

A nice building but what is the weird building with no doors nearby?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:47) : 

Hi guys, I work in CityPoint on the 27th floor - the views are amazing! Especially during extreme weather conditions - you can see storms coming at you from miles away! It's pretty cool.

As for keeping it clean - afraid it ain't that sophisticated. Four blokes with squeedgies are winched up and down the outside of the building in a standard cradle. And they have to put up with all us fools on the inside grinning at them!



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