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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The London Oasis

I love bringing you exiting things, and here is a one for the books. The London Oasis. It is "A kinetic structure which harnesses and recycles natural resources for the benefit of Londoners". You sit down, pull the hood down and the noise and hustle of the city are replaced by cool air and birdsong.

Do get down to Clerkenwell Green and try it out while it is still there over the next two and a half weeks.

Another pic is here.

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Comments on "The London Oasis"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:16) : 

Bizarre. I can't decide whether I like it or not (as a concept). It gets you thinking anyway.


Blogger Mylagan said ... (09:39) : 

Trop cool ! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:02) : 

Wow sounds interesting! But how does it work?


Blogger John Nez said ... (15:29) : 

Interesting concept... but I hope an enlightened city government would realize that simply planting trees would accomplish many of the same goals stated on the list of 'tranquil spaces'.

So often it's just the presence of trees that makes a city neighborhood seem wonderful. Cut down the trees and much of the wonder is gone.

Plant more trees! The birds will gladly follow and sing for free....


Blogger Carmen said ... (15:30) : 

Strange, but I like it. I think it's both a good idea & an amazing structure. You londoners are lucky, you always have such interesting things happening there... Pity this oasis is just temporary.


Blogger Edwin Sumun said ... (16:50) : 

what I'd give to pop my head in one right now! I wonder if they'll still be around when I visit London next year? I notice the man sitting doesn't need solace from the city sounds. oh well.


Blogger Ham said ... (18:31) : 

anne - it uses solar enery, fuel cells and the like.

john - London has many trees and wildlife havens, too (can you feel a blog post coming on ;-) )

Carmen - I don't know where it is going, but I know it is going on tour!

Edwin - I know how you feel. BTW, the chap there is doing some tuning to the apparatus, he is one of the technicians who told me all about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (23:37) : 

It looks like the Cone of Silence from "Get Smart".


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:28) : 

Hey! That's so cool! Londoners must appreciate such an initiative!!! Sad it is temporary...


Blogger PDPB said ... (17:12) : 

sounds decidely odd to me


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:55) : 

Went to see it last night - Its Brilliant! And it does bring people together as you end up talking to different people asking whats in each pod etc....I don't want it to go - Make it perm!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:41) : 

This Chetwood guy is a pure visionary! It takes guts to create somthing like this and put it up for the world to see!!!!!

And what a view! I saw it the other night and it is awesome. Even without being in the pods, it eminates an auraura of calm.


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