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Thursday, June 29, 2006

String Quartet, anyone?

In Covent Garden, there are always performers of different sorts about. The cafe in the basement normally have classical music, sometimes opera, maybe guitar, today: a string quartet. A very civilised way to have a cup of tea and a cream cake in the afternoon.

Seems top-down photos are all the rage.

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Blogger John Nez said ... (03:24) : 

Ah... string quartets! As a viola player of 20 years, and member of several performing quartets I can attest to the desperation that motivates the street busker. Playing for spare change is always fun (kind of)... and the ARTS always need to be be there to gild the lily of capitalism.

You'll notice, of course, the opened violin case for tips along with the CD's for sale. Ah, but they're rich in spirit and that's the main thing!

Looks like they've memorized their parts too... no music stands.

I recall that in my favorite string quartet group we got to keep whiskey glasses on the floor by our chairs when doing Beethoven as a theatre opener. Those were the days...



Blogger scouter573 said ... (04:47) : 

What is this? Shoot From Above Day?

PDP June 29

looking down the Tour Eiffel, 2002


Blogger Mylagan said ... (08:04) : 

With that pic I'm really really green with envy.
Which tune were they playing ?
Have you made an agreement with Eric ? That kind of photo makes me feel ... dizzy (don't know if my dictionary gave me the right word)
Beautiful picture anyway, I like it a lot :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:51) : 

Ahhh that is soo relaxing! Coffee and string quartet! Heaven ;-)


Blogger Ham said ... (09:24) : 

John - YEs, it is always refreshing to hear decent buskers. There was one particular pitch I used to pass by where a professional violinist used to bash out the "Four Seasons" interminably.

Except for those days coming up to performances, when he would often just reherse. Some of the pieces were far less populist! I think (although I can't be certain because I don't know enough about music) that he used to play second fiddle, and longed for the day he might have to stand in for first ;-)

Scouter - I'd seen Eric's but I was so tired when I wrote my post, I just didn't write the link. I'll fix that now.

Lagan - I think it was a Bach flute sonata. (and no, it was a coincidence!)


Blogger santy said ... (10:12) : 

I love listening to the sound of violins! It's truly amazing.


Blogger Eric said ... (10:24) : 

I love this one - and not only because you linked to mine Ham!!!


Blogger Louise said ... (10:34) : 

Great photo Ham. It seems to pick up the atmosphere.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:08) : 

You're right about top down photos!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:25) : 

Pedantry time: As a flautist myself, I have to point out that the presence of a flûte traversière means the four musicians cannot possibly be a string quartet. Strings? Ugh! The very thought! Chamber quartet, maybe, or string backing trio for a fabulous solo flute, that's even better. :)

I do love the top-down photography, though, and the lovely browns and ochres in this pic. It's just the title that's the problem ... ;)


Blogger Ham said ... (15:32) : 

Jo, I type corrected, thank you. I confess I did the counting and was vaguely discomfited myself, but no other phrase tripped off the keyboard.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:34) : 

ah! i love it.

this quartet have been playing in the garden for many a moon -- they were one of my favourites when i lived in sth ken. [been back in melbourne now for just shy of 9 months].

the violinist always capitivated me, as i could have sworn she was the doppelganger of one of my friends at home -- which is part of why i loved seeing/ listening to them.

ham, do you have a pic of her face, so i can show my friend her twin on the other side of the world!



Blogger Ham said ... (01:49) : 

boo - no, I don't but I'll try to get one next time I'm in the area. Drop me an eMail (link off main page).


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