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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ducking and diving

I would like to say to the people of Mumbai, our thoughts are with you.

Be shown around london by a duck! no, really! These people had the brilliant idea of converting a WWII military amphibious Duck to carry tourists around London. I've never been on it but it looks really cool. Just seeing it drive off the road into the Thames is great. Hmmm just a thought - could it be a tentacle of the Empire of the Scaryduck?

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Blogger John Nez said ... (03:42) : 

We have a Duck Cruise here in Seattle too... no doubt it's the perfect vehicle for taking tourists around any city with tourists and lots of water.

Never been on one myself, but they look fun....


Blogger Kim said ... (07:37) : 

Ham, nice to see these in London. As John mentioned there is a tour operator here in Seattle, too. Their slogan is Ride the Ducks! I did take the tour with visitors of ours last fall. The driver kept up a corny and entertaining patter as he highlighted the sites on land and water. A large group of Australian flight attendents brought a good natured party boat atmosphere to our Duck boat by enthusiasticly participating in hand motions and singing along to the disco recordings the driver played along the way.


Blogger Unknown said ... (07:50) : 

They have one in Dubai now. It was fun to go on & quite hairy when it just drives into the water. The guide wasn't very good though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:15) : 

Great fun !

If you have the choice, try it at high tide, that way when you enter the river near MI5, you get a bigger splash !



Blogger Carmen said ... (17:37) : 

I've already tried the ships from Westminster to Greenwich (oved them!), so next time I visit London I'll give these ones a try. Thrilling!
Thanks Ham, the London Tourist Board (or whatever their name is) should give you a mention!


Blogger selana18 said ... (18:22) : 

First time I see a 'duck' like this one q...
It is a funny way to visit London !


Blogger Oleanderman said ... (18:54) : 

I seem to remember them in Boston but I missed the chance to jump on one. I think I'll take the opportunity here and use one to see my own capital. Nice shot.


Blogger ems said ... (07:33) : 

We had a great time on Desdemona a couple of weeks ago. We were a little embarrassed beforehand that we were doing something ashamedly touristy but no, she was full of Londoners! The guide, an ex-stevedore, was incredibly entertaining and we loved every minute of it. You do get much closer to the water than in your average boat!

Tip: book before you go online. Therew were lots of upset families when we went as the whole weekend was sold out.


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