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Monday, July 03, 2006

London's Mounted Policemen

Today I thought I'd show you some of London's cycling policemen. I took this shot at Friday's Critical Mass, which was well attended after the recent victory in court made it clear that the ride was legal.

These guys do a great job and are excellent ambassadors for the Police service. Maybe it's the cycling that does it, by keeping them more in touch with reality. Whatever, they are welcome on the streets of London and much more versatile at a chase than a car. Also, for those that might feel cyclists are too lawless, these guys often give out tickets to cyclists who jump red lights and ride on the pavements AND they can catch any who don't stop. And they DO have flashing blue lights and a siren!

Speaking of police and detectives (almost a smooth segue) I'll be hosting a small sleuthing quiz for a couple of daily photo bloggers on Thursday - more details to follow.

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Comments on "London's Mounted Policemen"


Blogger santy said ... (08:36) : 

I think this is good. You'll have very healthy and fit policemen :)


Blogger Carmen said ... (11:34) : 

I'ts great, bikecops! I have to ask, Ham, are London's policemen still called 'bobbies'? And do they still use their classic helmets? I hope they do!
I am very intrigued about the quiz, I love detective stories!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:44) : 

Great post. They look like regular guys. The bike cops here look far more aggressive. I don't think they would agree to having their picture taken.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:05) : 

What a ghastly mess they look. And seriously unfit. I have seen them around in London. Not, I fear, people who do us proud. Nor have I ever heard of them catching anyone/stopping any crime being committed/or even being able to tell the time.


Blogger Mylagan said ... (16:18) : 

Great, especially when the weather is fine but do they also ride in winter or when it's rainy ?
Maybe they could enter for the "Tour de France" :)


Blogger Ham said ... (16:46) : 

Carmen - yes they are called bobbies sometimes, and they do wear the old style hats soemtimes. Not certain where and when. The hunt is scheduled for Thursday.

Luggi - you got it right, there. My perception is that they act more like normal humans, too.

Helen - They are fit, you can't ride a bike all day without being fit. They do have a serious amount of hardware strapped around them which is less than elegant, and I've seen them a) chase and b) catch. The ones probably most at risk (and this should please you) are cyclists who flout the law riding on pavements, shooting red lights etc.

Lagan Love - they ride summer and winter. I should imagine they will be helping police the Tour de France when it comes to London next year.


Blogger ems said ... (20:09) : 

I first saw police on bikes in France - the kids I was with were amazed as they zigzagged under the Eiffel Tower.

Those near the school at which I work are great - they regularly return truanters from the local park!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:35) : 

"Ghastly mess"!!?-Thanks! Weighed down with all that body armour and equipment-no wonder!

City Police cycle squad officers, which this photo depicts are deemed to be a fast response to calls in the City. More often than not they are able to gain access to areas that vehicles cannot reach because of congestion and the very nature of the Cities layout.

Both Teams at Snow Hill and Bishopsgate deal with a variety of work,including operations to target Pedal cycle thefts and raising the publics awareness of safe cycling.

Officers from Both stations were virtually first on scene at the Aldgate Bombing on 7/7 and provided valuable first aid.

One of the best things about being on the teams is an opportunity to meet and interact with the community they serve...

Finally on the subject of stopping and dealing with suspects I am able to state from a position of strength that one was arrested today for failing to stop for Police and another was apprehended (again by cycle squad officers!!) for suspected theft....

Hopefully that satisfies "Helen said.." that the cycle officers do earn their wages...perhaps she would like to spend a day shadowing the team?!!!


Blogger Ham said ... (23:40) : 

Choppercopper - Thanks for dropping by. I suppose it's inevitable that people instinctively dislike police, and just as inevitable that sometimes they can point to justification.

Only thing I know for sure is that I would never want to do your job, but I'm damn glad somebody does.

For those wanting a voyeuristic look at other people's jobs, you could do worse that this lot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:28) : 

I am reading these comments and am somewhat shocked by the comment left by Helen. Remove your head from up your rear end love. Have you ever tried the body armour on, well I have, I am a Special Constable and do the job voluntarily to keep people like you safe on the streets. So the moral of the story is 'if you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. And the only people that do not like the Police are people that have done something wrong. If you have ever needed the Police in an emergency like I have, then you are bloody glad they are on hand to help. Good comments from the rest of the people on her.


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