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Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr or Miss Whiplash

Today, we're back in the East End, in one of the "Ragged Schools", the building was recently saved and opened as a museum. This is where the kids without shoes went to learn, so they could better themselves from the deperate existence of their parents.

The museum is open to the public on Wednesdays and Thursdays (some Sundays) and worth a visit, if only to talk to the volunteers who staff it. Here are two more pictures from inside, that may stir one or two memories.

That cane wan't just for show. People say "I was given the cane in school and it did me no harm" (I was too, and I don't think it did). On the other hand, it may not have done much good. Do you think we're better off without corporal punishment?

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Blogger scouter573 said ... (03:18) : 

The use of the cane speaks more of the disciplinarian than the target. "Stop hitting your sister!" Whack! Now, what was the question?


Blogger Lisi said ... (05:59) : 

ahh...these days teachers are not even supposed to raise their voice to the kids.


Blogger Unknown said ... (08:08) : 

I had a teacher that threw a piece of chalk or board rubber at you, if you weren't paying attention.


Blogger ems said ... (08:16) : 

The museum also does sample lessons for school classes so they can learn how things used to be.A lot of the older kids I teach have fond memories of the day -they can't believe how much has changed.

Definitely against corporal punishment -how can you teach children to be good non-violent citizens when you're whacking them with a cane? A withering stare can do so much more!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:59) : 

If we had the cane in my school, I managed to escape it, but when I first went to school, desks still looked like that one! This gives me the feeling that I must be old! :)

Also, I think Gail's Man and I must have gone to the same school. We had a couple of teachers who would throw board rubbers and one was also the school chaplain. Talk about wrong messages!


Blogger Ham said ... (12:29) : 

The worst I remember wasn't the cane, but the board rubber used as a stick on the knuckles. One teacher I had, who was an amzing shot with the rubber and an enthusiastic cricketer, turned a caning into performance art. The unfortunate child would be made to bend over in the middle of the dining hall, he would take a run up as if bowling and thwack at the end. Truth be told it was no more painful (actually, less so) than other appliers, but substantially more terrifying for all that.

And yes, I'm dead against it. Even hitting your own children is a measure of defeat.

ems - I'm going ot try to get some photos of it being used (the kids dress up in victorian costume) but you know the problems publishing photos like that :-(


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:14) : 

I work in the voluntary sector and we avoid problems with taking pictures of children's activities by taking the shots from behind the kids so they can't be identified. Should work in a classroom setting (makes you feel like on of the kids in the class)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:13) : 

I would have to say yes to your question... teachers are supposed to help children learn...not hit them when they can't understand. Or maybe that is just to cover up for their own shortcommings...


Blogger Ineke said ... (15:21) : 

My sister and her kids live in Rumania. As an expat family her kids are saved from the cane, but the local kids are beaten as till this day. Unbelievable to me.


Blogger Curly said ... (21:32) : 

"Spare the rod, and spoil the child" Ham.

Curly's Photoshop


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (22:01) : 

Hmm...My comment didn't come up so here goes again.

I really want to say I like caning (because I do) just not in schools...

Funny thing - my nan always tells the story of the day her teacher gave her an almoghty thwack with the cane and she took it off the guy and whacked him back!!!


Blogger jo said ... (11:42) : 

I don't believe in hitting children and have never had to hit my own (pat on the nappy only), but I do believe that just the threat of it was enough to keep some children in line.

My parents used to give me a good wallop now and again, which I probably deserved.

It is not a good way to control kids - the best way is by being consistent and not just saying 'because'. Kids like to know exactly what they have done wrong.


Blogger Nathalie H.D. said ... (13:18) : 

Excellent topic and photo. Definitely agree with the views of the majority above. A firm, determined and consistent behaviour from parents should be enough - no physical abuse needed


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