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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Victoria and Albert

Yes, this is the Albert Memorial. Queen Victoria went in for grand gestures in a big way, and her love for her cousin and husband is marked in many places throughout London.

This memorial summarises the whole of the Victorian era, with its obsession with image and with Empire. The statue groups on each corner are representative of Europe, America, Africa and Asia (the Elephant)To put the perspective on this, Asia and the elephant is one of the outer groups of staues,in this picture on the far right.

Oh yeah, this is right in the heart of London.

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Blogger Michael Salone said ... (06:12) : 

Now unlike yesterday's post, this one I know and love. I haven't been back to London so many times since leaving/living there, but at least I get some good memories from LondonDailyPhoto! CHEERS!


Blogger Jing said ... (08:44) : 

hmm..nice building!
i only saw it in the films...:D


Blogger Lisi said ... (13:35) : 

this memorial looks a bit Thai to me...not sure why. Having heard bits and pieces about Queen V as a person, no politics involved, I think she was pretty, she considered the official crown too big and heavy so she had a small and handy one made, that's kind of cool but of course she was in charge so she could have things her way. Nice post and the view in this photo is great!


Blogger Kim said ... (20:00) : 

Wow, when the image came up, I thought "India." Lisi sees Thai. I wonder what the elements are of this memorial that gives it that asian flavor on first glance?? If I could build a memorial to my beloved, I wonder what shape it would take? I'd love to honor him with some grand gesture like this, but he would cringe for sure. Ham, what lovely skies you are having. They make yesterday's and today's shots superb. Kudos,


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:04) : 

Yes, it's very nice framed in the green and that gorgeous sky.


Blogger zdenka pregelj said ... (16:38) : 



Blogger fran said ... (12:05) : 

I like a lot your blog. I´m spanish, i was this summer in London and i saw the prince albert memorial. I have a blog (in spanish) about London whith photos and comments about my travel.

I invite you to enter and talk about you want (you can write in english of course)


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