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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beam me up, Mr Scott

This is BT's main satellite uplink station, by the banks of the Thames alongside the Woolwich ferry - where most of the TV and Telephone links beam out from London to the world.

The man in the corner is a security guard had just told me that I couldn't take photos from the road, where I was standing. "Why?" I asked "oh..." he said, "it will go badly for you". You know, I have to confess he was right - it's not a great photo - I hope you don't mind ;-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:33) : 

Why is it that they try to stop you from photographing something from the street... it is quite open and visible anyways, and what if you had cell phone camera, you could take the shots anyways.

Many times, security guards warn you about doing things even though you are allow to do them.


Blogger Monica said ... (09:15) : 

Hi Ham

Just thought I'd let you know I spied a pair of elephants yesterday, at the northern entrance to St. Katherine's Docks. They are above some gates to a car park, off East Smithfield. Didn't think you had those yet; I LOVE your elephant series... Who knew they were our unofficial mascot??


Blogger Peter said ... (12:48) : 

Good job you weren't in Greece, you might have ended up in jail!


Blogger Ham said ... (15:39) : 

Rudy - you are right, this chap seemed so upset he could do nothing about it!

Monica - Thanks v. much I do appreciate the thought, it was actually No. 4. I am running out of elephants, it's true there are only a couple left.


Blogger Mostly Harmless said ... (17:26) : 

Isn't it interesting? More and more places are getting touchy about photographs. I was taking a photo of a rail road crossing, from a public road, on public property, and I was approached by RR security and told to stop. When I refused, he threatened me with arrest. Basically, I informed him of my rights and to go ahead and arrest me. I called his bluff and he folded. This is happening more and more. I guess it is a 9/11 thing.


Blogger Kate said ... (17:34) : 

I think I need one of those to get better reception. And, Ham Off Topic but today's (Sunday) New York Times magazine has a feature article about increasingly hostile behavior of elephants, most likely caused by encroaching civilization and loss of their own grounds. Interesting. Can you get it on the internet??


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:56) : 

I've found in the past that a good shot of the security guard's face really winds them up.... maybe not always wise but sometimes I can't resist :)


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (19:19) : 

I think he looks/wants to be more like the grim reaper...Careful Ham...


Blogger Ham said ... (21:25) : 

It makes me laugh, really, if I was set on nefarious aims - would I really have a problem getting a picture - any number of them?

Nic - neither did I resist - I considered posting it instead ;-)

Kitten heels - more the grim waiter than the grim reaper.


Blogger jo said ... (21:37) : 

Maybe he was just miffed that you didn't want to take a picture of him??

What a bloody jobsworth - full of his own self-importance!!

Were there any signs saying you couldn't take photographs? Even if there were any, it's not like it's an MOD area. OR IS IT????

Jo xx


Blogger Jean said ... (22:54) : 

I should get such a "bad" photo.
Love the comments.


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