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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Best of Friends

In Bond Street, just outside Asprey, the most exclsive of exclusive jewelers, is this sculpture, Created by Lawrence Holofcener it depects Churchill and Roosevelt in conversation on a park bench. Called "The Allies" you can't help but join in the action. I'm grateful here to Chris from San Francisco for agreeing to be my model.

Link of the day: Name That Tube!" - a photoshopped-photo quiz with the answer being a London Tube Station.

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Comments on "The Best of Friends"


Blogger Manuel Tendero Gil said ... (00:16) : 

estupendas fotos un saludo


Blogger Eric said ... (01:07) : 

And which one is Chris?!


Blogger Kate said ... (01:33) : 

You are a very funny man. Thanks for the pizza joke. But, actually, the photo is great fun, and the statues are quite wonderful! Great shot!!


Blogger Lavender Lady said ... (07:24) : 

this is a great photo...and they were great men.


Blogger Carlos Lorenzo said ... (14:22) : 

I like the informal poses. Do you think they actually sat on that bench? Two VIPs wouldn't be around in public, at least not these days. Great shot. The sculptoric group makes more sense with Chris in the middle as he fits perfectly and makes Churchill seem to share a secret in his ear, or be a little drunk and the hand on the leg looks so natural that it seems Roosevelt is really looking at Chris!


Blogger Mike said ... (15:15) : 

Chris actually looks american! Is it cos he looks like the Colonel, or is it the lens you've used?


Blogger Ineke said ... (15:37) : 

Looks as if the place was meant to fit in Chris. Well done.
They all seem to have a good time!


Blogger Kim said ... (19:09) : 

Fun shot. Roosevelt depeicted sans wheelchair, and both statues look so jovial. Do you think Churchill is telling Christ a secret about FDR? Chris will never tell, I'm sure. ;^)


Blogger Kim said ... (19:09) : 

Ooops, typo. . .that was CHRIS, sorry. . .


Blogger perle de rosée said ... (20:26) : 

I've seen such sculpture which were we can sit down with them on a bank also in Germany. Near Bonn. Do you play guitar ? I too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:20) : 

I love this seat! They should make more. Who else could be on there i wonder - Laurel and Hardy? Fred & Ginger? Ant & Dec? Blair & Bush? No, no i have it!....Ham & Eric of course! lol.


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