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Monday, October 23, 2006

Gargle Goil

Another week, another The Way We See It location. This time, Mount Street Gardens, another of the hidden London Parks, a fabulous oasis only yards from Oxford Street and Park Lane.It's where I took this shot, too. This charming gargoyle is in the doorway of the chapel.

(Later: It's been bothering me. I knew it wasn't a real gargoyle but I didn't know what to call it. Turns out (for the pedants among you) that it is part of the Archivolt. Now isn't your life richer? What, more?)

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Comments on "Gargle Goil"


Blogger Eric said ... (05:14) : 

So what do you think the sculpteur was thinking when he carved this one?


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (05:54) : 

Kinda creepy if you ask me, but love these gargoyles. The only ones we have in the U.S. (new U.S. cities) are the ones they sell as candles in a gift shop!


Blogger Unknown said ... (07:58) : 

Looks like the poor creature's frightened of something, or someone.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:12) : 

He looks like he's holding on for dear life!


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (17:39) : 

I think it's kinda cute, maybe saying "Go away! MY chapel!"
Are they supposed to scare away evil spirits or something? (may be a stupid suggestion but just wondering)

Love the 'bleeding' tree on the way we see it too!


Blogger Marie McC said ... (19:25) : 

We had a similar discussion about what to call a creature such as this recently on ADP

The creature is a chimera or a grotesque. Gargoyles are always part of a waterspout. I think he's charming!


Blogger Ham said ... (23:39) : 

Eric, truth be told, he was probably thinking of his father-in-law, or maybe someone who had tried to sell him something. The sculptors often based the faces of all their creations on real people, and sometimes got into trouble as a result. Look again, and you will see how it can be a real face in caricature.

Must be a trainee scary monster, hasn't got past cute yet.

So you can put it into perspective, this is the doorway, matey is on the bottom on the right. almost all the rest are cherubs and the like.


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