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Friday, February 09, 2007

Looking for the summer

The cold, the snow and the travel chaos was here again today as predicted, so lets look forward.

Here's the music (click on play):

and here are the lyrics. Where was the photo taken? My garden.

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Comments on "Looking for the summer"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:11) : 

Nice chairs. I guess this means you won't be venturing out very far? :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:37) : 

Looks like you had about the same amount as us this time.... about 3-4 inches on our garden furniture.

But what's happen to your exif? I don't seem to be able to read it anymore (was just trying to check the time!).


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (09:22) : 

Lovely, Ham. Almost worth donning some wooly clothes and sitting there for a hot chocolate, surveying the scene, i'd have thought. More snow at my blog - i did the 'before and after' you suggested!


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (09:23) : 



Blogger Ham said ... (10:00) : 

Pamela - this is London, the snow doesn't stick around to see what gets done to it.

Nic - it's all down to blogger. For some reason exif isn't preserved on the thumbnail but it is on the large image.


Blogger Z said ... (13:58) : 

I just made my post of a sunny, sunny day in Villigen, and am now out cruising. And I see snow! Looks pretty...

(This might be a duplicate post -- sometimes the silly character recognition thing stumps me)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:02) : 

..ah, that would explain it.

Though bizarrely it seems to work on some (but not all) of the older thumbnails!


Blogger Rocky Mountain Photo Guy said ... (16:59) : 

Great site! Something to aim for.


Blogger Ham said ... (17:52) : 

The exif difference is, the Hello BloggerBot kept all the exif on the thumbnail and the large (and also let me specify 900 px wide) but they killed him - he was my friend. Now I use the Picasa "Blog This" which only keeps exif for the large image, and strips it for the smaller. No rhyme or reason. Hello ones also have a border.


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