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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Traitors Gate, Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most iconic London landmarks, and the Traitors Gate (seen here bathed in red light) is particularly associated with its cruel and bloody past.

This picture is another from the "Switched Off" London series. Can anyone tell me if they've found some money for the meter since the weekend?

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Comments on "The Traitors Gate, Tower of London"


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (00:09) : 

Wow this is a bit special isn't it Ham. fantastic colouring. I love the Tower.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04:11) : 

Nice shot! Dave (alexandriadp) and I toured the Tower of London last March when we visited. Our tour guide was a third generation guard. It was one of my favorite stops on our visit!


Blogger scouter573 said ... (05:52) : 

We toured the Tower in December. The Beefeater pointed out that it was a curious thing to build a strong wall around a strong tower, then punch a hole in it. I guess King Edward I was feeling pretty confident.

I second Ann's comment - wonderful tour and the Beefeater guide is the one who makes it so good.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:09) : 

Nice.... did you manage to use a tripod or just brace against something for this 1/2 second exposure? I will get down there before it ends!


Blogger Ham said ... (12:51) : 

In a previous existence I ran an IT business and the Royal Regiment of Fusilliers was one of my clients, whose HQ is the Tower. That meant I became known by the guards who would wave me in to park inside - handy for the City! I even managed to arrange a private viewing of the Crown Jewels, once.

Nic - it was with the little tripod (the one I almost lost), sitting on a low wall. Yesterday's was 1/10s/160mm handheld braced on the bag, of which I am justifiably pleased, but half a second ?? far too much beefeater and tonic over the years to be able to do that ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:44) : 

I think I may take my little tripod along then....


Blogger Chuckeroon said ... (15:34) : 

Ham? How did you achieve that brown colour in the sky, please? Nice. Tks, 'roony.


Blogger Ham said ... (17:04) : 

Chuckeroon, I shoot in RAW and "develop" which enables me to fine tune the exposure. It allows me to properly expose for the darker areas, and the colour you see is London's light pollution.


Blogger The London Lowdown said ... (17:25) : 

Fantastic image. I've only visited the Tower once, it's a great place.

I write a tourist-orientated London blog at
Please come and visit!


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (19:07) : 

Oh I love it Ham!
The Tower is another place that my shoes are unsuitable... But its still one of my favourite historical places in London (its just too bloody expensive!)


Blogger zdenka pregelj said ... (23:37) : 

Fantastic shot, really!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:55) : 

Amazing photo!


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