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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What price is Love ????

Aparantly, anything from £4.99 to £50. London is awash with ways to lavish expensive presents on your loved one, or even your maybe loved one. Bahhh humbug. Shame they don't come with a money back guarantee, isn't it?

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Blogger JaamZIN said ... (09:11) : 

I didnt know that humbug is an existing word in English, too:) But perfeclty describes my feelings toward this commercialed event..


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (10:17) : 

Money-back guarantee Ham??? Good grief that's a bit harsh. Good choice of music. Gorgeous pic too, wonder who'll be the lucky recipient of those. mmmm.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:04) : 

!!! I knew they put the prices up but Beejaysus! I hope the young lad that bought our youngest (14) a dozen red roses today didn't spend that much!

I got chocolate :)


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (14:45) : 

Ahhh did he really Nic? I think that's wonderful and yes i too hope the shopkeeper didn't see him coming. Great to know that young love is still romantic though. My own son (15) has a young lady coming this evening, too, to 'watch a film'. Erm. Er. Oooh goodness. In his room, actually. Erm.. Just the two of them. Er, Eek? I've done 'the talk' more times than he would care to remember but... ooh dear. What's the form here, any ideas??? Rush them to me fast.


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (14:49) : 

Enjoy your chocs. I have to wait for the weekend apparently when i will see him. ?


Blogger Jing said ... (15:21) : 

i am thinking....
Love is a big adventure, just like any kind of business.
who can tell you will win or lose??

anyway, happy valentine's day.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:01) : 

Oh, come guarantees in life - just the ability to live in each moment! In the words of Rumi "Let the beauty we love be what we do, there are hundreds of ways to kneel down and kiss the ground."
PS. For Lynn: my mom used to make a stop in the family room every half hour to see if we "needed any snacks or anything"......I could hear her coming all the way down the hall and I always knew what it was about, but it probably kept me on my toes during those movies! lol


Blogger Ham said ... (17:11) : 

We moan about everything else, though, don't we? I just love the idea of some pimply lad bringing back his £25 bouquet and telling the assistant, "Sorry, but she still said no, can I have my money back?"


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (17:48) : 

Thanks Anon, yes i'm thinking along those lines too. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, anything to eat? lol i shall be up and down those stairs quite often this evening i reckon. He's an extremely well mannered sensible lad, but even so.... !

lol Ham. Funny image. Ahhh. We've all got memories going on now haven't we?


Blogger Dsole said ... (22:47) : 

Hi there!
I love your title... today is really a commercial date. But it's not bad unless you feel obligated to buy something to your partner.

Meat Loaf, what an artist!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:06) : 

Hi Ham,
I got flowers: red roses, blue iris, oriental lillies - beautiful, gorgeous - then we went to the beach to watch the sunset. Who says there isn't romance in mid-life? I love your photo.


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