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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fancy a pizza?

Just opposite the Crown & Sceptre pub (from a few days ago) is an Italian restaurant. I rather liked the friendly chef that was there to persuade you to come in.

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Blogger Jing said ... (02:15) : 

hee inviting and friendly face,i think i like this Chef.

shanghai daily photo


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:43) : 

He would qualify for the Handlebar Club.(See 3rd March, sorry, I don't know, how to link it) Or is he not british enough?


Blogger Unknown said ... (08:36) : 

It's Hercule Poirot in disguise!


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:31) : 

Yes he'd entice me in there for sure!


Blogger Newbie said ... (10:36) : 

Whassa matta you


Sorry. It just felt right...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:08) : 

What sort of pizza do you have... Ham?


Blogger Ham said ... (15:01) : 

maja - you are right, I'd missed the connection!

Lynn - I'll have to remember that, somewhere, I have a toque ;-)

Angelina - I suspect he is actually a first cousin of the Swedish chef.

John - anything with lotsof chilli, fresh from preference


Blogger Candice and Megan said ... (00:14) : 

Haha, he would be so cute in my kitchen!


Blogger Kate said ... (13:20) : 

Priceless expression on the face!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:17) : 

I think he was modeled on Rowan Atkinson - Mr. Bean with a large handlebar 'tash


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