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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In Memory of Adam Regis

The dark side of London surfaces from time to time - what happened last Saturday night was dreadful.

A fifteen year old boy, Adam Regis, was murdered.

What an utter waste.

Take a minute out your day, think of Adam, a boy you never knew and now never will. Think of what it takes for a society to value life so cheaply. If you carry a knife because you think it protects you, or to make yourself feel bigger, think about this.

The story is here. Why does it feel worse that it was three miles from where I live? Is it better that a fifteen your old is murdered hundreds of miles away?

Another, poignant, photo showing some of the messages from his classmates is here.

(next day) It looks like Google have done their stuff and people are coming here to find out about Adam. I'd like to do something, so if you were a friend, or just have something to say, do make your voice known in the comments box. Anonymous comments are fine, I won't censor anything. If you have a website, I'll add a link here. Let's remind people Adam was a real person, not a statistic:

Jay's site

Memorial Site
Lynn's UK blog

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Comments on "In Memory of Adam Regis"


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:55) : 

Brings it right home to you when it's close to home, in broader senses too (i have a 15 year old). A tragedy. Tribute given on tv by one of his friends was eloquent, emotive without being hysterical and, i believe, more effective towards the decline of gun and knife crime than any silly visiting-on-the-day politician did. Well done that young person, don't know who you were but you moved me to tears with your words.

R.I.P. Adam


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:06) : 

It´s a sad picture. It seems that not just in Brazil the violence and crimes happen. How to change such horrible fact?

Here we blain the politicians, the corruption and the low level of education,health care and the lack of opportunity. However, I sometimes believe that is much more than that. What kind of help and support we give for those people who are in need?

I also felt shocked when the British police killed an innocent brazilian guy. I always thought and had a feeling that things were much different in London. Like any other place London has problems as well. Even though It´s an interesting place.



Blogger Unknown said ... (22:34) : 

The two incidents are not really to be compared, though, Anon. The police did not purposely and knowingly kill an innocent man.


Blogger Ham said ... (01:37) : 

Regi, it's like Lynn says. The death of every person diminishes each of us.

For all their mistakes our police do not intentionally let anyone die. That was sad, a mistake.

This was cruel and callous.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:50) : 

Yes, and Ham? I'm so pleased that you posted this, for his family and for society. I am hugely disappointed nonetheless that more people did not leave a comment for Adam.


Blogger Ham said ... (17:51) : 

It is odd, out of around 600 visits, but that's the way it is.


Blogger Unknown said ... (18:54) : 

Really. That many? Gosh. Wonder WHY it's the way it is.

Also, how do you access stats?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:50) : 

R.I.P Adam Regis, a true Kingsford soldier who never deserved to die.

The one question I keep asking myself is; why? Why did Adam have to die? Why did it have to be him? Why did someone take him from us?

The world will never give back what it has taken from us. Our thoughts are with you Adam, as I write this post my tears fall and I think about how you used to joke around in French and PE, you truly were someone who didn't deserve to be taken.

Those that did this may never be caught, but if they are, I hope they are punished for what they did. For taking a young boy's life. They didn't just harm HIM with that blade, but they hurt the ones that loved him and knew him.

Rest in peace Adam Regis. You will never be forgotten.



Blogger Unknown said ... (00:29) : 

ι нανє яєαℓιѕє∂ тнαт ℓιƒє ιѕ ѕσмєтнιηg уσυ нανє тσ ℓινє, ησ мαттєя ωнαт. ѕσ ι נυѕт ѕтι¢к ιт συт αη∂ тαкє єα¢н ∂αу αѕ ιт ¢σмєѕ. - Jay


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:51) : 

I miss you so much i don't know why it had to be you.You will be truly missed and never forgotten!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:51) : 

I miss you so much i don't know why it had to be you.You will be truly missed and never forgotten!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:32) : 

I will leave a comment for Adam Regis. Perhaps some of those who did not were his friends for whom words simply would not come.
A senseless horror and a tragedy for his family and for all of us. Why? Why are our streets so unsafe? What has happened to respect - for other people, for the property of others, for the law? Perhaps the justice system is so clogged that it is no longer effective. We have similar problems in Oz.
Your tribute is very moving Ham. Thank you.


Blogger Eric said ... (18:39) : 

I cannot help thinking of the parents.

You're right Ham, when it comes to the death of a teenager this cannot be just another stats.

Thanks for your tribute.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:33) : 

On Mother's day they ripped the father's heart out and gnawed at it the savages.

On Mother's day the stared at his mother's tears and quietlty chuckled.

The bastards feared her cries will extinguish them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:32) : 

I am guilty of having read this post a couple of days ago without leaving a comment. It is always so sad to hear about such a senseless death as this was. A young man not yet even in the prime of his life snuffed out. We will never know what Adam could have accomplished due to this horrible, random act. RIP Adam.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:49) : 

I was not comparing the death of John Charles with Adam Regis. However, I must say that as with Adam he also didn´t have the chance to defend himself and was in effect killed by an angry mob who chased him into a tube station and blew his brains out without giving him a second thought.

And, by the way Lynn, my name is Regi as shown at the bottom of my original message.

Why are some British people so rude when a foreigner expresses a different view to their own, it suggests to me an extreme arrogance.


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:52) : 

I, for one, never mind an opposing view, Regi, but i don't necessarily have to agree. I have not been rude, unless you cite my not noticing your name at the end? Merely an oversight, having seen your comment headed as Anonymous.

I still dispute your comparisons. John Charles did have an opportunity to stop when warned by firearms officers to, so that he could have explained his innocence. Instead, as I understand the details, he ran from them. However, this post is not about that particular tragedy, but is of the tragedy of Adam. I am sure there must be many forums for John Charles and perhaps we should both leave our sincere condolences at those.


Blogger Ham said ... (10:23) : 

Regi, at the risk of sounding rude to you, I have to agree completely with Lynn. You say that he "was in effect killed by an angry mob" Nothing could be farther from the truth. He was killed in a tragic accident by police - who put their lives on the line to protect us - and who thought mistakenly that Juan's flight signified something sinister.

To equate the police actions with Adam's murderers is to demonstrate a massive lack of respect, which you claim to feel so strongly about.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:59) : 

As a black person I ask myself one question,why are my own people killing eachover why? first Steven Boachie now Adam when will this end,Steven R.I.P Adam R.I.P you guys will forever live in my heart my dear brothers


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:15) : 

I came across this blog from a link at the Tube blog. I don't want to leave without pausing to offer condolences for this young man's death.

I am a mother of teenagers and it hits close to home when a youngster is senselessly murdered. I also lived in London for a while when I was younger and although I ultimately decided that big city life isn't for me, I have fond memories of the place, and I always loved its history, diversity, complexity and vibrancy. So when a crime hits London it touches me too.

I pray that Adam's parents and family and community find peace, and I pray that the people living in the big cities of the world find meaning in their lives and ways to live together in peace despite their differences.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:09) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:15) : 

i just wanna say rip showing love. xxxxxxxxx its so sad to see someone go. who had somethng adhead


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:29) : 

Benjamin Lee

All da times we spent together just don't seemm like enough. Me u an rhys jamin watchin tv an havin a laugh. I'm gonna miss u man, u were always da guy hu stayed cool even when me an rhys got into arguments. I'm never gonna forget u


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:53) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:38) : 

old mate from brampton R.I.P. mate
john brassel


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:35) : 

i dont know adam but he used to live in my house bfore i moved there .he was killed just down the road from where i live.all i can say is rest in peace and let who ever did it to him die a bad and painful death!!!!!!!!!!why boys stab eachova i dnt no that is horrible and it proofs they cant fight !they shud get life in prison as they too adams and if adam had to pay then so shud they. my sympathy for his family and to his mum who i have so much respect for stay strong paigexx


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:55) : 

missing you so much bruv still think bout you everyday :(
old brampton manor mate
* Jack *


Blogger Unknown said ... (17:19) : 

Anonymous said..

RIP,God rest your soul,I am a mother and cannot comprehend what they have done and what your mum is going thru, my deepest sympathy to her and your family dw leave vengeance to god their time will come. My sons were old brampton manor mates with you and they talk about you all the time. You were such a good boy when you visited.You are in a better place. xxx


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