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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let this be a warning to you

This area in Wapping used to be called "Execution Dock" and was where pirates were executed. The pub, The Prospect of Whitby keeps the gibbet maintained - I don't suppose they have much of a problem with rowdiness.

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Comments on "Let this be a warning to you"


Blogger scouter573 said ... (04:30) : 

This could give new meaning to the answer, "just hanging around at the pub."


Blogger Pat said ... (05:32) : 

HAHAHA! Laughing at scouter's comment!

Great to see them still hanging on to history too!

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:18) : 

Wow - I've been to the Prospect of Whitby a few times (not often, it involved crossing the river!) and think it's a great pub, but I'd never noticed that before!


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:51) : 

he he what a good photo! I'm surprised the Nanny State hasn't got hold of this yet and banned it on grounds of Health & Safety. As grim as this is, i do love hanging onto pieces of history. It's great!


Blogger Olive said ... (13:14) : 

The sky in the background really adds to that... I don't know why, but it reminds me of Robin Hood.
I think I'm going to make sure I don't get too drunk if I'm ever at The Prospect of Whitby.


Blogger ems said ... (19:30) : 

I thought the actual execution bit was further round by the Captain Kidd - cheaper pub with a bigger garden and far fewer tourists (no offence meant to overseas visitors). I would also recommend the Town of Ramsgate - a little homelier than the two others.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (19:39) : 

Only 4 more guesses til you lose the game!

Oh wait...this is real hang-man...

Perfect weather for that shot Ham, how often can you say that in London?


Blogger Ham said ... (07:32) : 

Thanks, all, it's quite a tough shot to get, especially because of the tides. When you can't get down to the banks, it doesn't have nearly the same impact.

ems, they have been arguing about exactly where for a long while, and you are right about the Ramsgate. It's on my list to do some extensive research along there.....

kitten heels - I'm sure it was you that was asking for a well hung man ;-)


Blogger David said ... (10:36) : 

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