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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Molten Bikes

I'm fascinated how in all major cities, you can find molten bikes by the roadside. What causes it? I reckon it's the pollution.

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Blogger Unknown said ... (23:46) : 

lol oh it's quite sad though that this has been vandalised. I'd hate to return to find it like this.


Blogger Louise Starkey said ... (05:46) : 

My bike used to melt like this when I tried to ride it after drinking wine, or when I didn't pay attention to things on the road (like stopped cars)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:57) : 

Global warming definitely...what more proof do people need?

It happened to my last bike.... a bleeding pain when I was some ten miles from home.


Blogger ems said ... (08:22) : 

Very timely - I was intrigued by a similar bike at Canary Wharf last night.


Blogger don said ... (13:34) : 

wow this men/women will be mad finding his bike back!!! I live now three years in rotterdan and never mine bike is stolen outside. Only one time inside a beautiful mountainbike dammm!!!


Blogger Ham said ... (10:53) : 

As a London cyclist, I continually wonder at the number of bikes just left in one place for months on end - quite good ones too sometimes. After a while, they seem to melt like this. Can't see how it can have been run over by a lorry - look at the angle and the fact that it is still locked on the stand.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:24) : 

I understand that they're made by a Spanish company - Grupo S.Dali Bicicleta Internacional


Blogger Bela said ... (18:53) : 

Brilliant, Anonymous! That's the first image that came into my mind. LOL!


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