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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nature Calls

If you are looking for nature in London, an organic lettuce is a good place to start - at least, it was for me today. We've hit the Spring equinox, nature is bursting forth and so are blogs. Or, at least, one particular Daily Photo Blog - London Daily Nature Photo. Not satisfied with his prime blog, Planarchy, Nic (a regular comentor here) has started this one. I have to tell you, his photos are really quite good and likely to be well worth the entry price (your time).

I also love the idea of meeting the bits of London's nature scene I mostly tend to pass by.

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Comments on "Nature Calls"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:30) : 

Thanks, Ham.

Cute caterpillar..lettuce is always the first place I look for nature too! ;)


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (12:47) : 

Ham that was just plain cruel! As that downloaded i thought my God has Ham taken leave of himself...sorry, his senses? With that title and that image, well you know what i thought as you intended just that. Eeeewww at what i thought and, frankly, eeeuuuw at the crawly thing. Eek i loathe them, sorry. I do appreciate nature i'm not a complete heathen but i'm.... scared of 'em. :(


Blogger Olive said ... (13:22) : 

I've probably eaten those not noticing they were there... I dont want to think about that right now...


Blogger Bela said ... (19:00) : 

We used to find little beasties like that in vegetables all the time: tiny snails and caterpillars. You knew the stuff was OK to eat then.

Apparently, you need to eat ten tomatoes nowadays to get the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as there was in one tomato in the 70s.

A few years ago, in a London park, I offered some Hovis bread to a squirrel; he refused it. He accepted a chunk of apple, instead. I stopped buying Hovis bread: if it's not good enough for a squirrel it's not good enough for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:36) : 

hello. i love this one in particulary. But all your space is really interesting for me. I write no more because my english is reaaly bad, sorry. So, in french, i say you: bravo pour vos images et vos articles et merci. bye.


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