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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

St Mary's School, Rotherhithe

I make no apology for staying in Rotherhithe today, as I suspect that many didn't realise how important and vibrant the area once was. Close by the Mayflower are these buildings - St Mary's School dating from 1613 and the Watch House. This school was built to educate the sons of seamen.

What makes me smile is that it seems there was someone churning out statues of children for schools by the hundred - I've already posted two, one here and one a few days agohere.

BBC have a 360 panaroma here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:27) : 

It's the Blue colour that makes them look almost identical I think.... is it authentic Ye Olde Blue... or just someone's spells?


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:14) : 

I do like the statues very much. Sometimes things like this can look quite freaky but they don't. Good shot.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:09) : 

I used to go to St Mary Abbot's school in Kensington & above the entrance there are similar figures, also dressed in blue.


Blogger Chuckeroon said ... (14:57) : 

Glad to see you still making the most of Rotherhithe.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:29) : 

I attended St Mary's primary school in the mid/late 70's and remember going to St Mary's church for our weekly service. I have fond memories of walking from School to Church on foggy, wet Wednesday mornings past the school house (tyring to avoid looking at the statues) and through the church gates and always scaring each other with stories of ghosts, hauntings and what would happen if you walked aound a certain tomb 3 times at midnight. Spooky stuff and a really great place steeped in the most wonderful history. Must revisit soon.

Tony Mead, Northampton.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:21) : 

I was there too at that time my best friend in school was a kid called Steven taylor. And I remember playing for the school football team in yellow and green and in all the games I played for them I only scored three times and that was in one game lol
Antonio Rossi, Devon


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