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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Those dreadful shop names

What is it that makes people choose awful names for shops? Mostly it's hairdressers - Curl Up and Dye is one of my favourites, Is this a peculiarly British foible?

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Blogger Susan said ... (00:04) : 

Curl Up & Dye, thats clever! We have the saying here in Canada too. Used when embarassed or perhaps when utterly heartbroken!


Blogger jonemo said ... (00:50) : 

Brilliant, where did you take that particularly bad one?

I could post thousands of stupid shop fronts, either because of shop name or idiotic advertisement in the window or whatever but if we were to do that we wouldn't do a Daily London Photo but a Daily Stupid Shop Front Photo.


Blogger isa said ... (02:00) : 

Oh, I quite enjoy the dry British humor and their propensity for funny pub names! The Slug and Lettuce and The Dew Drop Inn come to mind...


Blogger Jing said ... (09:06) : 

i am not from English world,but I am really so curious about the culture from there.
interesting thing for me.



Blogger les maudites said ... (09:10) : 

It is so funny.


Blogger Marco said ... (09:14) : 

No worries, it's not just happening in the UK. In Germany there are too many examples of wannabe-funny shop names around, too.

Hope that makes you feel better ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:16) : 

This is true for Switzerland as well. Sometimes it takes you a while to work out what they are trying to convey. We had a bakery called "Back shop" once: Back as in "backen" (to bake). One of those cases where to much language knowledge can hamper the comprehension.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:05) : 

I read in FHM years ago that there was a barber shop in Spain called 'Fucking Prick', but it closed down pretty quick. I so hope it's true...


Blogger Lilly said ... (19:14) : 

My favourite name is of a pub in London is "The Hung Drawn and Quartered".
i think other countries have strange names but I think that the Brits are the leaders especailly when it comes to naming places and villages.


Blogger Bek said ... (20:15) : 

When I lived on the East End (in Stratford) we lived above a hair shop that was called "The Hair Nest" :-) Down the raod from my house is a Chinese food placed called "Wok Right In"....


Blogger ems said ... (20:46) : 

Planet of the Grapes on New Oxford Street never fails to make me cringe.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:46) : 

I don't know of anything here in Albuquerque that has such a clever name! Curl Up and Dye. I think that's an awesome name!


Blogger Unknown said ... (22:47) : 

I once knew of an old fashioned sweet shop called 'Gobble'. I mean, i ask you.

On the contrary, yesterday i went into a village pub which was called 'The Village Pub'. How refreshing it was too. Liz Hurley's local - yes i was out papping, or trying to at least.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:01) : 

Sounds like this touched a chord with people :-) Actually, I think there is a special corner of hell reserved for those who think up faux names for pubs - slug and lettuce? I ask you. As it happens, the "Hung Drawn & Quartered" is just along from the Tower of London, so has some reason to it.


Blogger Unknown said ... (00:30) : 

'The Ham and London' sounds good to me,


Blogger Mike said ... (12:34) : 

There was a classic on the Isle of Wight - 'House Of Pine' Furniture Store.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:58) : 

There was a hairdressers near me called 'It Will Grow Back' - always made me smile though didn't inspire confidence in their skills!


Blogger The Greenwich Phantom said ... (19:51) : 

I once saw a shop in France called Mille et un Chaussures - who was the extra one for?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:01) : 

I love London signage - it's so funny. Here in Canada the signage is so BLAH.


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