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Monday, April 02, 2007

200 Years since the abolition of slavery

No matter where you are in the world, I would have thought the UK's 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade hasn't passed you by. I've been looking for a London angle on it, and here it is.

This is a replica 17th Century slave ship, the Zong. You need to read the story. It is in London as part of the commemoration, and their are tours that take you on board.

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Comments on "200 Years since the abolition of slavery"


Blogger Jenny said ... (02:22) : 

I never knew much about that bit of British history til recently, when I saw the very enjoyable film about William Wilberforce, "Amazing Grace." Lovely photo!


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (06:11) : 

I've either been too caught up in watching tv series or it hasn't made much headlines here. I like the ship with the background being so modern. It is still possible to imagine London back then when you see this ship.


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (09:32) : 

Great shot, Ham. Sad story. So the method of their deaths was often down simply to money. Shameful. I do love the look of this ship though, lovely.


Blogger Mr.D. said ... (12:34) : 

Nice shot (as usual) NiC

T'were worth braving t'elements..


Blogger Ham said ... (12:49) : 

Personally, I like the way that the ship is chained down in this shot. An alternative isthis one with Tower Bridge in view. That link was to further confuse Mr.D. as that was Nic's and this one is mine, I'll take the confusion as a compliment - don't know about Nic, though ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:13) : 

Ham, I agree with your comment on the symbolism of the ship being chained down ... Sadly slavery still exists in the world and all efforts to abolish it should be applauded ... In the US recent trends are for individual states and sometimes businesses to apologize for having profited from slavery in the past.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:32) : 

nice shot. Contrast the old and the new


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