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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Clout casting is here!


Never cast a clout till May be out. An old saying that means "Don't take off your winter clothing till..." well, that's where it all goes a bit odd. Most people think it means "ooo, it can get cold until the end of May". But actually, the very English Hawthorn is also known as the May Tree, and its blossom is called May. So it could mean, wait until May blossom is out: in London this year it's been around for a week or so already - as have some people, casting clouts.

Pretty, innit?

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Blogger Unknown said ... (01:17) : 

Tis pretty, innit. I cast a clout today and sure enough was chilly later. It is the hottest April for - did i hear right? - 300 years though. Surely we could remove our gentlemanly ties and the outer part of our twin sets?


Blogger Olive said ... (05:03) : 

Even in Toronto we're already wearing skirts! I love love love spring.
The town I'm about to move to is a little colder... but I am going to pretend it isn't and keep wearing skirts. Maybe I'll fool mother nature.
it is pretty indeed, Ham.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:15) : 

I'd not heard that the May in that saying might be Hawthorn...though I diod know the blossom was called May so should have guuessed perhaps.

It certainly makes sense.


Blogger Ham said ... (09:42) : 

Well,I've checked, It's on the Internet so it must be true!


Blogger Z said ... (15:46) : 

Over here in Switzerland, it feels like summer already. Hey, your blog is now listed with the static links via CDP.

What's with the large Olympus tag under your photo today?


Blogger Ham said ... (17:01) : 

Well, there are two reasons for the Oly logo. First, I use one and I'm quite keen to help get momentum behind the four thirds movement. Second, I've done a sponsorship deal ;-)

I'm a long standing Oly fan - behind my EOS30 (film camera) are a brace of OM1's. I sincerely think that the stuff they are pushing out is about the best value on the market.

Anyway, you'll be seeing/hearing more about that as the days go on.

Mind you the "shot with Oly" logo (which I put together) is a bit "in your face", I may try to tone it down.


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (23:05) : 

Lovely photo Ham. I truly like the blue and white tones. oh, uh, the advert with the flowers is a bit in your face though...LOL


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