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Friday, April 13, 2007

Cutting edge humanity

You will not often meet people who really make a difference, I have been fortunate to meet one such, the Londoner, Trevor Sorbie (who UK readers will recognise as one of the top hairdressers).

I can hear one or two of you saying "worthwhile? hairdressing? are you SURE?" Bear with me.

Up to now, if you were a woman and lost your hair through chemotherapy (cancer) or allopecia, the support you got was advice to wear a wig or a scarf. Trevor has devoted his experience, talent and skill to cutting the wig hair for these people, to make women feel better about themselves. Such a simple yet briliant idea. He doesn't need my accolade but he is seriously good at what he does. And he is encouraging others to join in the project. And he doesn't charge for his services.

The Inside Out program on BBC1 will be featuring his work today (I believe). Doesn't that make you feel better about the human condition?

Read more about this astonishing project here. Read the stories and testimonials, you'll see what I mean. It's a charity and hopefully, soon, there will be a way to donate online. I think I may repeat this story then and see if I can't get you guys to cough up some cash.

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Comments on "Cutting edge humanity"


Blogger Unknown said ... (00:21) : 

Would if i could, Ham. What a worthy thing for this man to do. I can sympathise, though obviously have no real idea, what it must mean to lose one's hair. I should imagine he brings back some dignity, enjoyment and self-worth to those who unfortunately have gone through this. Best wishes to all of them i say.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:44) : 

I have seen the new wigs and they are very good. It is not just chemotherapy that makes you lose your hair, but it is the worst. So the man is a benefactor of humanity, clearly. But I would take issue with the idea of a hairdresser's job not being worthwhile. Is it really less worthwhile than running a pub, which nobody would decry? And it is a good deal better and more useful than being a pen pusher in a local government office. With apologies to those who do very useful work in local government and make sure that our streets are clean and well-lit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:22) : 

Good post.


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (07:47) : 

Excellent post and awareness Ham. I had no idea there were people who did this.


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