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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hare today, gone tomorrow

March hare sighted going west. This whimsical statue is in the Broadgate Centre, and always cheers me up. I thought it quite suited to this time of year. Barry Flannagan the artist appears to have a thing about hares, I rather like his stuff but, as I can't find any prices, I think that means I can't afford it.

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Blogger ems said ... (08:20) : 

I love this statue!


Blogger Helen said ... (09:32) : 

Afford Barry Flanagan? Chance would be a fine thing. I know this is not London but I fell in love with his "Thinker on the Rock" in the National Art Gallery in Washington DC.


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:32) : 

It probably does mean that Ham, but the no-price thing is so irritating. It's a marketing disaster if only they realised it. They obviously feel it makes it more exclusive. The reality is that some of the market they didn't anticipate may well be able to afford it, if we only knew! No-price items turn me right off i'm afraid and if i won the lottery tomorrow i'd stay clear because they didn't include me first time around.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:58) : 

Never mind Ham! Console yourself! It probably wouldn't fit in your lounge anyway.


Blogger inspired said ... (11:48) : 

yes, if there's no price tags visible it usually means only one thing ..we can't afford it ... as the ones who can afford it don't bother about prices or price tags .. they see it .. they like it .. they want it.. they buy it!!!
still it's a nice window shopping/dreamers kinda photo !


Blogger Olive said ... (12:16) : 

Could this be from Watership Down?? I saw your post, and then last night had a dream about that book! I think it's a sign...


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