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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Lady Magazine

Here it is - the venerable London institution that is: The Lady. One of the oldest and most respected magazines it has two distinct reputations. The first, is as a publication read by maiden aunts in their dotage. The second (coincidentally contradictory) is as the single best place to look for adverts for a holiday home or a nanny.

That is why I got lucky looking for a cottage in norfolk to rent for a few days. I've used them many times (although four or five decades below their assumed readership age) and I've never been let down. So you see, there WAS a connection.

(By the way, I'mm not really back, just flying through at a rate of knots, have a happy easter)

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Blogger Unknown said ... (23:33) : 

Ohh the Lady. Used to get this a lot. Way back when. Very pretty offices befitting the mag! You're right about the rep. though i was neither a maiden aunt nor looking for a nanny or holiday home. I wrote a few things for them. lol.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:29) : 

I'm an iranian & I persue your splendid weblog every other day from Tehran......
It's reali marvelous when we can observe London with your eyes!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:31) : 

pardon me sir! It was "pursue"!! I'm a bit dizzy!


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:39) : 

My dad found a job in The Lady back in 1969, as a chauffeur in London. He did it until 1977.


Blogger Ham said ... (10:12) : 

Lynn, it's funny how much it is part of the UK heritage - but always read by other people :-)

Kavi - glad you enjoy the blog. It may take me a week or so, but I'll see if I can come up with a London/Iranian photo.

Gail's Man - I doubt any magazine could afford a chaffeur now, but a great bit of history.


Blogger Gerald (Ackworth born) said ... (14:29) : 

hi kave -- you probably mean "peruse" which means to browse which is what I've only done to "The Lady" when I've seen old copies in waiting rooms.

btw [by the way] kave don't worry about your english being imperfect most british people's english is probably worse!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:12) : 

Way, way back, I found my job as an au pair through The Lady. I'd forgotten all about the magazine and am amazed to learn that it's still going strong.


Blogger Honor said ... (15:50) : 

Hello there! very interesting about the Lady Magazine..

I'm currently looking for an issue I used to have that contained an article on collecting hyacinth glasses. It was some years ago, possibly the 1980s or 1990s. Does anyone know which issue it was, or where I can get a copy of the article, pretty please??

Hope you don't mind me asking here, but I was googling for *The Lady*.

Thanks for reading this!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:21) : 

I love reading Ladies' magazines, I even have the list of best women's magazines on my site!


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