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Thursday, April 12, 2007

So how can you tell me you're lonely....

And say for you that the sun don't shine?
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London
I'll show you something to make you change your mind

In truth I have more to say about homelessness in London than will fit this column, both in inches and spirit. However I'm sure one or two of you will have come across this uber-bagman, he's been around for years and his technique has developed along with the size of his trolley.

Thinking of the lyrics of Streets of London - One more forgotten hero and a world that doesn't care - I started to poke around for a recording to leave you with for old times sake - that's here. But I also found an excerpt from French and Saunders that is really, really funny, that's the Trial of Ralph McTell , stay with it till the payoff at the end.

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Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (01:38) : 

Oooh i'm coming back tomorrow to listen (everyone's asleep now) as Streets of London is one of my favourite songs. I played guitar and sang it in music class but another duet got to do it in assembly. I'm still bitter. lol.
Another song that springs to mind with the same theme is Phil Collins' Another Day for you and me in Paradise (not sure if that's the title). Til tomorrow then... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:21) : 

very funny picture!
This homeless has things more than I :D:D


Blogger ems said ... (08:30) : 

Last time I saw him he was battling the crowds on High Holborn.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:08) : 

The Trial of Ralph McTell was hilarious


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (13:28) : 

Wonder what's IN those bags?


Blogger Olive said ... (15:55) : 

I love that song! I have it as my phone ring!!
I was just thinking the same thing, Lynn... I can see some empty bottles, but why would he not sell them (10p each?)instead of keep it all?
I feel like I've seen him around Regent's Park...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:51) : 

Interesting side note: The London School of Economics is currently starting a major rehabilitation and expansion of their facilities off Aldwych and Holborn. They could have relocated the campus and saved hundreds of millions of Pounds. But they made the conscious decision to stay where they are, in part, because central London is a place where the homeless are not "invisible." Their students see them and interact with them every day. There were absolutely no "untoward" incidents in my time.

They assist delivering meals on The Strand each night, and the campus is a relatively safe and sheltered place. A spokesman for the school said she believes that as a Liberal university, it's an important part of their students' education.

And it makes an alum proud.


Blogger Bystander said ... (00:30) : 

I love that song. Thanks for reminding me.


Blogger Lisi said ... (07:28) : 

Hi Ham, I remember listening to this song when I was little and not getting all the lyrics and didn't know what the song is about...of course now I know, one of the best songs about social issues. Yes, thanks for reminding us


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