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Monday, May 07, 2007

Paolozzi's Train

I've featured Eduardo Paolozzi's work before, here and here. This odd thing is in the concourse outside Euston Station. It is clearly inspired by trains, but I confess I didn't like it when I first saw it, but I do now. I wonder if that's more to do with my own tastes changing, or have I just grown accustomed to its face?

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Comments on "Paolozzi's Train"


Blogger angela said ... (08:09) : 

I think you've got used to seeing it...I can see the train connection but this is very bulky with no suggestion of speed or sleekness...



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:28) : 

It is like a dirty building somewhere. The first time you see it you wonder why people don't clean it up. Then years later, you notice it is featured as old, forgotten architectural style and then your conceptions change and you find it interesting.

Having lived next to steam engine trains during my youth and feeling our house shake and rattle when they passed, and hearing the whistles and bells and smelling the coal smoke. This is no "train."

I am not sure if you got there or not but if you did, thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and for your comments about my Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. I am into architecture today with the Brookville Community Theatre.


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (14:09) : 

I think it's that you're clearly barmy. Ugh.


Blogger Olive said ... (16:14) : 

I like the other two works of his you have featured better...
But this still has something interesting to it. To me it looks like it has a secret, and i don't want to stop looking at it until I find out what it is.


Blogger Olive said ... (16:28) : 

AND, I forgot to mention I like your new olympus sign!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:43) : 

I must confess I didn't connect this piece (which I know quite well) with the other two pieces of his that you've shown (and that I didn't previously know...but posibly liked more).


I do recall not caring for it all when I first saw it and now I'm pretty ambivalent..haven't yet got to the liking stage.


Blogger Kate said ... (03:41) : 

I want to touch it. It is a wonderful piece.


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