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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oy! Give us a lift, then!

This is Oybike, a London based bike rental scheme (modelled on those on the Continent) that lets you use a bike for as long as you need, the first half hour is free. You take it from one place and you can drop it in another. It's a fascinating idea, designed to work in conjunction with public transport - the map of London locations is here. I suppose that the scheme becomes more practical the more places there are, but how they don't get nicked from here - Gallions Reach - I'll never know.

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Comments on "Oy! Give us a lift, then!"


Blogger Olive said ... (03:26) : 

I wish they had these on univeristy campuses... It's a GREAT idea!


Blogger ems said ... (06:10) : 

I can't believe they'll last long there either. Gallions is one of those places that you recognise as useful but really quite hate.


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (10:16) : 

Really a great idea - for an honest society. Hmmm how long do we give it. Sad.


Blogger inspired said ... (11:11) : 

"on yer bikes "


Blogger Chuckeroon said ... (12:08) : 

I've seen similar schemes run by German Railways in Berlin etc....I wonder how long the bikes will survive in London before they are trashed?


Blogger Angel said ... (13:41) : 

Isn't funny how the largest concentration of drop off points is in West London with, well, none in East.

Nice idea though


Blogger Kerry-Anne said ... (14:40) : 

Yes, I somehow doubt this would work here either... but then again, it would simply be unfair to place that kind of temptation in front of people who don't have money to feed their children.

It's a great idea though, and something I'd definitely make use of as a tourist.


Blogger Dsole said ... (18:18) : 

oh That's sooooo great!
i wish Madrid would be a more bike-city like than it actually is...


Blogger Ham said ... (08:05) : 

Olive - there are a few nearby on the University of East London campus.

Angel - the west London concentration is probably because of the involvment of Hammersmith & Fulham borough council.


Blogger John Nez said ... (15:24) : 

Great idea! It'd work especially well in a city without hills... which is the main problem with biking here in Seattle... the hills!

I doubt that it will ever catch on though... apart from the hard core biking community that's already out there in their shiny biking suits. I think that bikes would need their own traffic lanes established... taken away from cars.


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