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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Let me tell you a secret

Shot with Olympus E500
Let's kick the week off the week with with one of my favourite of London's secret places. It's not secret, really, just that nobody seems to know about it. It follows nicely on from Guy's Hospital, too.

This is the museum of St John's Ambulance. Yes, that's right, the people who turn up to help at football matches and coronations. But let's give the place its full name ..."The Museum of the Order of St John". Light begins to dawn. These are the guys who went on Crusade in the 11th Century. And they brought stuff back. And you can see some of that stuff in a couple of inauspicious rooms tucked away beside the 16th Century Gatehouse.

The woman is just about to say "Sorry, you can't take photographs in here" which is why I couldn't get any better shots. Ah well. It's still worth a visit.

See Where: London Daily Photo Map

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Comments on "Let me tell you a secret"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:23) : 

I trust you corrected her with a

"You mean you'd rather I didn't...clearly I can, as I already have..."

...folk like that sort of thing ;)


Blogger Ham said ... (07:33) : 

Events actually ran like this:

Me to bloke: "I know you won't me taking pictures of all your valuable stuff, but how about some from out here? For LDP etc etc"

He to me: "Sounds like a good idea"

Me: click

She: Paisley impersonation

Me: I won't even bother to tell you about your grammatical failings.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:13) : 

Heh, much for asking eh?


Blogger Unknown said ... (22:19) : 

The knight looks like he's really tired, and ready to fall asleep.


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