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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The London Naked Bike Ride

Shot with Olympus E500
Today, I joined in the London Naked Bike Ride. Why? because - although I'm not a naturist, or an obsessional green, this seemed like a really good way to get the message across - that we are too dependent on oil and we don't need to be. There is actually somthing quite profound about the idea of confronting global excesses with your naked body. Profound, and breezy.

Riding along, I heard someone say "Only in London" Well, no. It's all over the world.

The ride itself was really enjoyable, about 1,000 people joined in and there was a great, friendly atmosphere. It certainly got the attention of the passers by, who mostly didn't pass but stopped and stared. That's fine. Each of those mobile phone photos is likely to have the message "too many cars" in there somewhere. The perverts lining the way out of Hyde Park - that's different. Here are two more pictures.

See the route: Here

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Comments on "The London Naked Bike Ride"


Blogger Eric said ... (00:14) : 

What it takes to run a city daily photo blog!!!

You're right Ham, it happened everywhere, in Paris (here but I have been much less lucky than you.

I went all the way to where it was supposed to take place but there was no one ;-((


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:57) : 

Nice one Ham...

I did consider it but sadly I had the excuse of my nephews first birthday party. Shame an excellent way to make a good point. Excellent.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:01) : 

I saw the multitudes in Oxford Street. It was entertaining but reminded me of the fact that very few human bodies are particularly attractive to look at. Incidentally, what happened to the traffic that was supposed to pass down the street while it was closed off because of the bike ride? Diverted into smaller side streets?


Blogger Mary deB said ... (14:36) : 

My husband was in London and sent me some pictures of the start of the ride. It looks like great fun!


Blogger Ham said ... (20:44) : 

eric - next time join in- then there will be at least one !

Nic - next time....? (I was surprised by how much fun it was)

Helen - I reckon there was traffic chaos. Just as there is for any demo (the protestant orange boys fouled up knightsbridge before we even started) or any major event or incident. It needs VERY little to push london traffic or transport out of equilibrium..... but oyur feet still work. (and yes, I don't intend becoming a naturist but I got a surprising insight into the attraction of that lifestyle)

Mary deb - It was!


Blogger Emeline said ... (13:26) : 

Good morning, dear Ham !

Firstly, I would like to say to you that I put your well-done blog into my favourite links! I enjoy reading you! and especially, having a look at your photographies!

Then, the event "Naked Bike Pride" happened in Paris, and to my mind - because I were not there - this is a quite astonishing and wonderful idea!

Who has been sufficiently smart to create this event?



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