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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And now for something completely different

Shot with Olympus E510
3,732 in one month is quite a lot of spam, probably because I have my email address on this page, but this is the Palace Theatre and Spamalot, part of the cornucopia of delight that is London's theatreland. Here is a short history of spamming, from the Monty Python sketch onwards.

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Blogger scouter573 said ... (06:20) : 

We tried to get into Spamalot when we were in London, but it just wasn't going to happen. We ended up seeing The 39 Steps at the Criterion Theater, Piccadilly. It was fantastic - well done, well done. I can't imagine going wrong at London theater.


Blogger Shey said ... (09:47) : 

Saw this last week. One of the best and funniest musicals I have seen. For anyone just going, it's funny. For a fanboy (much like myself), it is absolutely brilliant.
I will be going again.


Blogger Carlos Lorenzo said ... (12:00) : 

I think they are brilliant so I am a big fan. I remember I used to memorize gags with a friend when we saw Monthy Python and the Holy Grial. I had no idea about the Spam sketch and the origin of the word. Thanks for the info. I would like to recommend this link to the video


Blogger Mike said ... (21:51) : 

My life! That much spam? You must love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:23) : 

Have you tried hiding the email address with a bit of Javascript code? Not sure if you can even do that with a Blogger template but it works for me.....I've yet to have any spam on web page listed email addreses (shame about the toher ones!)


Blogger Ham said ... (23:43) : 

Scouter, glad you enjoyed 39 steps, I haven't been able to do much theatre this last year, which is unusual.

Sheymouse, it's on my list, too (I've got a little list)

Carlos, I'd say thanks for the video link, but I then spent ages re-running all the youtube monty pythons. And what ON EARTH did they make of it in Japan, the lord only knows.

Mike, Spam fritter? or spam, spam, spam with spam?

Nic, yes I know. I'm ashamed to say it was almost deliberate, I know several ways to avoid it, you don't even have to use java. But it seemed a bit of a giggle on the google (gmail). Their spam filters are pretty good, so it doesn't actually affect me. And of course, you NEVER know when you could do with something to enlarge a P**** or maybe want a share of $10,000,000.


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