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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aspley House - No 1 London

Shot with Olympus E510
This naked statue of Napoleon Bonaparte, as Mars, by Canova, stands in the stairwell of the Duke of Wellington's town house. Although you can pay entrance throughout the year, on the weekend Open House it was free, so I made my way down.

It's not entirely certain whether the Duke placed the statue there in triumph or in respect. What is certain is that Napoleon's sring of victories had been brought to an end. Trivia of the day: it was this event with the statue going to Wellington that prompted Napoleon to first use the expression "from the sublime to the ridiculous".

The house itself houses the 1st Duke's fantastic art collection and has other items and memorabillia of his campaigns that actually make it well worth the entrance money. I recommend it to you.(Especially if you are a fan of Bernard Cornwell's "Sharp" novels)

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Blogger scouter573 said ... (02:06) : 

Richard Sharpe rocks! And the Duke is a cool dude.

(Sorry. It seemed funny when I first started typing it, but now it looks stupid. Did I age suddenly?)



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:51) : 

To my shame I've not visited - but have been past No.1 London loads of times. I love the picture on the English Heritage link - they have managed to completely obscure the 4/5 lanes of traffic going round Hyde Park corner right outside the front door!


Blogger Ham said ... (11:04) : 

Andy, it's a long, drawn out process. Realisation often isn't ;-)

Dianne, I've not been before, although it has been on my list of "must see" places. Being free helps.

The view from the first floor is stunning, too.


Blogger Eric said ... (18:06) : 

Funny and interesting. I would have never thought that Napoleon would be shown almost naked somewhere on earth!

I love the "from the sublime to the ridiculous" expression which I did not know.


Blogger Shey said ... (09:47) : 

On my first trip to London I did one of those bus tours. I have never forgotten the guide saying that if you addressed a letter to "No.1 London" that is the place it would go to. A nice little bit of general knowledge as most people think the letter would go to Buckingham Palace.


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