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Friday, September 14, 2007

Heavenly gates

Shot with Olympus E500

The old, Victorian, London is never far from the surface, here is St Anne's Catholic Church in Underwood Road in the back streets of the East End. It was the amazing ironwork on the door which caught my eye.

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Comments on "Heavenly gates"


Blogger Mike said ... (23:44) : 

That is indeed very beautiful and artistic. Nice shot.


Blogger Chaz said ... (08:21) : 

Great shot of these beautiful doors. I was going to add that Pugin would be proud... According to this page here, (, he ought to be; the architect was one of his pupils.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:32) : looks almost painted.


Blogger Kate said ... (12:02) : 

Yes, it is amazing, including the frame!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:03) : 

Thanks for this, Ham. My grandparents were married in this church on 11th September 1915, the day tanks were first demonstrated to the British Army. Granddad was 37 at the time, Grandma 28.


Blogger Neva said ... (17:01) : 

It does look painted....very nice shot...a beautiful church....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:28) : 

I enjoy touring churches in and around London. But I both laugh and curse whenever I go to the more "popular" Church of England parishes. There is, almost universally, an admission charge to view the church. This is despite a generous stipend from the Crown (well, from the taxpayers, actually).

At the same time, the Catholic churches have an open door policy where anyone and everyone is welcome without any required donation. Even more galling when you realise that the oldest of the churches were built by the Catholic Church!

Which reminds me to ask, have you been to St. Ethelreda's (Ely Place, just off Holborn Circus?) It's the oldest church in all of London, and the "first" (i.e. only) church "returned" to the Catholics. The quotes around returned are because the Anglican parish went bankrupt, and the Rosminian order (Catholic) bought it at auction. Which was then invalidated. They won the auction as second time, so it was decided to let the sale stand.

And it's a beautiful little church reputed to have some of the best music in the city. And don't forget to tour the basement.



Blogger Ham said ... (07:23) : 

imajoebob - I know exactly what you mean, I refuse to pay for entrance on principle. One of the big problems with the C of E (as I understand it) is that they lost a bundle on some very speculative investments. My heart bleeds. Mostly, you can manage to get in if you time it right, though.

Have I been here before? Well yes very much so, in my very first month. It was also one of those places I wanted to write a lot more, but I try to stick to this format with one paragraph mostly. Maybe I ought to go back, but up to now I've made a point of not going back anywhere. As a pointer, there is a search box in the top navigation bar, and I've always tried to include a straight description, which helps find stuff. 700 pictures along, there's quite some coverage. Haven't run out of places yet, though!


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