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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Polecat

Shot with Olympus E510
Today's photo comes from the British Wildlife Centre which is technically outside London, but it's near to London airport (Gatwick) and it was part of my birthday present so I'm entitled to.

Now I'm not normally a nature photographer, if you want the best of that you need to go to London Daily Nature Photo or one of Abraham Lincoln's blogs. But on Monday I joined in one of the Centre's photography day and came away with a great experience with the British animals you very rarely see and a bundle of pictures of wildcats, otters,red squirells and more. Some of the rest of my photos are here.

For those interested in technical info, they are mostly taken with my Olympus E510 with body based IS, using the amazingly inexpensive Sigma 55-200 which is 35mm equivalent of 400mm lens handheld at speeds as low as 1/50. No post-production, most of the shots in the gallery are just developed from RAW in Lightroom, many are full frame, some are cropped.

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Blogger Stiffa said ... (04:52) : 

It's so cute!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:30) : 

Pretty kitty ;)

Very sharp and pointy teeth if I remember correctly.

Looks like an interesting place...not far from where I grew up.


Blogger Tina Boyer said ... (16:21) : 

Such marvelous photographs! Thank you. Amy


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (23:49) : 

I like these photographs and I like the extra ones as well. I wish I had those kinds of animals and the variety you got. I am stuck with what wanders in here or flys in. A change of season almost always brings a change in wildlife and that makes up for a lot of boredom otherwise. I used to take a lot of raw images but when I did the cards I had filled up so fast I was always looking for empty cards. So I got out of the habit and haven't gone back.

I don't think you know that I started another blog about my photography and the photography of other soldiers before color came out. We were in Japan after the war and using 120 black and white film and were there when they came out with Tri-x film and then Kodak color slide film and Fuji came out with their color film about the same time. So my blog shows some old soldiers who were passionate photographers like I was and their photos. There are about 1200 photos so it will take a long time. I might not live that long.

If you go, the photos up are what you will see. You can comment if you wish. Then if you want to see all of the photos click on the Archive. If you want to see all of my photos just click on my name in the left column.

Thanks for the personal invite to your wonderful blog.

I hope you enjoy these old photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02:41) : 

You're lucky you were in Newchapel, where a polecat is just a musky weasel. If you run into one here in the States, it's a much more harrowing experience:


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50) : 

Nice shot(s). The photographers' days at that centre are excellent. Definitely worth going - a few of my better efforts from my visit are here:


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