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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Buckingham Palace

Shot with Olympus E510
I don't often do the tourist shots, so I thought I ought to fix that. Here's one of the most common sites in London, Buckingham Palace. Hang on a moment - where have all the crowds gone?

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:46) : 

Well, lonf shadows and Exif info suggest that 7:20 am might be enough to dissuade the crowds. It does look a bit strange with nothing at all in front of it though.....


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:29) : 

Hmm. Don't know where they all are. Maybe their recent complaints about being photographed has caused everyone to think well okay then we'll leave you alone.


Blogger Mary deB said ... (12:37) : 

Nice early morning light.


Blogger Olive said ... (13:22) : 

How did you find such a perfect morning in london???? I was just there a couple of weeks ago (august) and there were no guards then either - around 7am...
I feel like I've been gone forever. I'm going to have to spend an hour going through all the pictures I missed!


Blogger Ham said ... (01:43) : 

Yes, 7 a.m. is a good time to find nobody, 'tis true.


Blogger Neva said ... (01:47) : 

"not a creature was stirring not even a mouse"....nice time to go for a walk...7 am....lovely shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:43) : 

and the traffic? last time i was there, it took about 10 minutes to cross the roads to get to the main gate.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (06:35) : 

A lot of light for 7 AM. Is this from a few weeks back? My other thoughts were the tourists are visiting the Terra Cotta Soldiers, and the locals are watching the Rugby on the telly. Take that, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys!. (With acknowledgements to Groundskeeper Willy.)


Blogger Ham said ... (08:25) : 

It is indeed from a few weeks ago, and should be the last of my early morning photos for a while.


Blogger Rebekah said ... (15:44) : 

I waited outside the Palace for 3 hours in the hot sun one summer waiting for the changing of the guard. Here's to being an over zealous tourist.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:12) : 

it's very nice


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