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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Celebreate, me?

Shot with Olympus E510
Today two things happened. For the first, I went to the London Cycle Show and England beat France in the Rugby, and this photo combines them both. The car is one of the 1952 Tour de France team cars - I reckon the bikes could probably go faster back then. And my commiserations to the French, it must be a disappointment.

A video of some amazing exhibition cycling is here, 2nd bit here

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Comments on "Celebreate, me?"


Blogger Unknown said ... (02:21) : 

Really great photo Ham. Very apt. Yay! We won! Okay sorry i can't be more restrained but hey we won!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:01) : 

Love that car! Is it a 50's car?

Norwich Daily Photo


Blogger Ham said ... (21:20) : 

Lynn, we did, didn't we? :-)

Joy, it's a Citroen Traction Avant which started off in the 30's as the world's first front wheel drive mass production car, and was still being made in the late 50's


Blogger Unknown said ... (22:54) : 

Goodness, Ham, South Africa on Sat. Yikes. Eek?


Blogger Kerry-Anne said ... (10:28) : 

Ah, Lynn, good to see you're displaying a suitable degree of blind terror there. Did you see how the Argentineans were crying with fear before the match last night? :) Those men of ours are not actually men... see what I mean here:

Can't wait - let's hope it's a really awesome game.


Blogger RAINY CONVERSATION said ... (04:27) : 

She's a girl.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:54) : 

As you know I'm a big TDF fan, so this pice of history warmed the cockles. I posted a photo of a similar "avant" a while ago.

Thanks a lot for the extended commentary on "what do you think" - I had actually intended it as a skit on photo critics, but the commentary was very welcome. I've made a bit of an effort to reply


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