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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pump it up - London's Water

Shot with Olympus E500
London sits on a natural water basin, with water draining from the surrounding hills. This was great for drinking and industry in times gone by, all you needed to do was put a pipe in the ground and pump up your water, like this pump in Bedford Row. These days, nobody uses it like that any more, and the rising water levels threaten to flood the tube all the time. You won't be surprised to hear that Thames Water are working on how to use this water.

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Comments on "Pump it up - London's Water"


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (07:09) : 

Are the Tubes still in danger of being flooded from time to time? I had no idea!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:23) : 

Indeed...I wonder what percentage of it is stuff that has leaked from their pipes?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38) : 

"great for drinking "

Apart from when they caused cholera epidemics...


Blogger Mary deB said ... (12:32) : 

Psst, your "flood the tube" link isn't working for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:19) : 

Here in the US and here where I live, the area is filled with huge underground water in rivers and lakes and that is the water that was put there hundreds, thousands, millions of years ago and we use it so fast that none is getting back down there to replace it. Water will be, one day soon, the thing that people go to war over. Oil will be a thing of the past.


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