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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All Fired up for the Olympics

Shot with Olympus E510
An unscheduled demolition took place today when a disused warehouse on the Olympic site went up in flames and smoke that could be seen for miles. Everyone was very twitchy though.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day, which is great because I forgot to announce the results of last Friday's competition: punkinsmom for the largest number and MarydeB for entering.

London Daily Photo is raising money for Breast Cancer Care. Visit here to see how you can help.

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Comments on "All Fired up for the Olympics"


Blogger Kate said ... (01:59) : 

Well that definitely takes care of the disuse part of it. Fire is scary though, and that black plume has a sinister air about it.


Blogger JaamZIN said ... (07:11) : 

ohh I have seen it yesterday on the news. It seems to be serious!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:41) : 

Nicely captured......from our place it looked more like ordinary clouds!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:26) : 

But what was it that burnt so black? The BBC said it was an empty warehouse.

Good luck with the fundraising.


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:21) : 

Ah i wondered if you'd be out there with your trusty camera. What a good shot.

It's a wonderful thing you're doing here Ham for Breast Cancer Care. Well done, a great idea.


Blogger Ham said ... (12:48) : 

Yes, it was a bit spectacular, wasn't it? And it was foam boards that "were being stored in a disused warehouse" huh?

Curiously, shots from closer to the site don't have the same impact.


Blogger punkinsmom said ... (15:27) : 

So if it was storing foam boards, how can it be classified as a "disused" warehouse? Hmmmm.
That cloud is twitch-inducing.

Best wishes on the Breast Cancer fundraising!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:45) : 

Foam boards? Nice carcinogenic smoke I shouldn't wonder then...


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