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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The hot news from London

There was only one London story to report this weekend. That is, that Mr & Almost Mrs Ham have now turned into a real Mr & Mrs Ham, after quite a lot of years of being "almost". 'Twas a quiet family thing, followed by a superb meal at a fantastic location that I'd love to tell you about, but I'm hoping to get some money out of them for the fund - so I'll keep you in suspense. Excuse me for not taking too many photos, but I was busy enjoying myself getting married.

Let's raise a glass to absent friends. Salut!

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Blogger Unknown said ... (22:59) : 

Best of luck for the future. I hope you haven't kept her waiting too long!

Maybe you'll post an official photo sometime soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:02) : 

Aha! As suspected from a comment a while back.

Congratulations to the two of you. Nice one. :)


Blogger scouter573 said ... (02:49) : 

What? She's finally made an honest man of you? Congrats to both of you!


Blogger punkinsmom said ... (03:15) : 

Poor woman.

Congratulations to you both!!


Blogger ryanvdz said ... (07:03) : 



Blogger Michael Salone said ... (08:17) : 

Wow! Two Hams to contend with now! My deepest sympathies Mrs. Ham as one can only imagine what life must be like with the Mister. Seriously, congratulations to both of you! I raise a glass of French champagne to you both. Ok...maybe two or three glasses...can never be too sure!


Blogger Gerald (SK14) said ... (08:51) : 

congratulations - Hyde DP has a puzzle today.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:14) : 

Congratulations indeed - love Chris and Jackie


Blogger Lunar Chick said ... (11:01) : 



Blogger M.Benaut said ... (11:02) : 

Nothing rhymes with Sorbonne,
Except "Le Jambon"
Maybe Ham will soon enter the fray......
......was the first time I had ever met you, M. le Jambon.

And enter the fray you did !!
It has taken you a few minutes, Monsieur, to get up to full speed, but you have finally done it !
Heartiest congratulations, commiserations, felicitations and mastications from us all in the Land Down Under.
Nous espérons que le Jambon règne pour toujours !


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:04) : 

Oooh Ham how positively lovely! ~What a dark horse you are not giving us a run-up to this momentous occasion. I wish you and Mrs. Ham many more years of happiness and hope that you are still celebrating. I adore the photo by the way but would love to see you and Mrs. H on here. love to you both xx


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:06) : 

Congratulations to you both.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:24) : 

Congratulations. Marriage is like that.

The beginning of a century or more is in your four hands.

My wife, Patty, and I have been married over 52 years and looking forward to at least 60.


Blogger Ham said ... (11:35) : 

Gosh. Thanks all, for the wishes. Gail's Man - is 14 years too long? Lynn - I was going to keep entirely quiet about it, but changed my mind.

I won't be publishing a picture here, but here is one, courtesy of my remote control.


Blogger Helen said ... (11:41) : 

Hope it's not too late to say congratulations to both of you. Many happy returns of the day.


Blogger Mary deB said ... (12:43) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:17) : 

Congratulations Ham! And MRS Ham!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:44) : 

Many congratulations from the sunny South of France! Wishing you and Mrs Ham many happy years (more) together!


Blogger Denton said ... (14:07) : 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ham. Thanks for sharing the moment and for raising a glass to absent friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:32) : 

Many congratulations from me too :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:20) : 

Many congratulations to you both :)


Blogger diamond geezer said ... (17:07) : 

Oh hurrah! Bubbly congrats to you both.


Blogger John Nez said ... (17:10) : 

Congratulations! You've made the right move... overcoming indecision with a choice of commitment.

May you live happily ever after. Having been married more than 25 years, I can attest that it's an artform into itself, but not one that's all that hard to learn.



Blogger Miss H. said ... (17:46) : 



Blogger Denton said ... (18:01) : 

PS: My wife ask that I share the two words which make a successful marriage ... Yes Dear.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:02) : 

Wow, Peter just told me of your wonderful news, Ham - what a year to remember for you: 50th Birthday and Marriage! Congratulations to you both!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:46) : 

Yours is one of two blogs I look at every day - Diamond Geezer being the other - so it is with great pleasure that I send congratulations and best wishes.


Blogger Unknown said ... (20:29) : 

Glad you didn't keep quiet Ham and i expect and hope the champagne's still flowing. Hello Mrs. Ham! x


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:29) : 

Congratulations Ham and Mrs. Ham :-)! I just read of your great news on Denton's Greenville Daily Photo blog - name ann. I wish you the best.

I see the commentor just before me is Don Miller! I am sure it is not the same Don Miller I knew years ago in Michigan!!! But the name does make me wonder what ever happened to him.


Blogger breadchick said ... (21:53) : 

Many Happy Returns for yours and Mrs. Ham's continued happiness!


Blogger Eric said ... (23:56) : 

OK, I'm a little late here, but it is still time for me to congratulate you and Chris on this once in a lifetime occasion.

I'm happy for you.


Blogger Wayne said ... (04:28) : 

Just got the word Ham, and I send you many, many warm congratulations! Bravo to you, and to Mrs. Ham. I wish you years and years of happiness, health, and prosperity!



Blogger Ham said ... (07:02) : 

Thank you all for your kind wishes, they are all appreciated. And yes, it was a very special day.


Blogger Lynette said ... (07:09) : 

What a wonderful happening to find out about, all because of the CDPB community. Congratulations!


Blogger Urang Awak said ... (07:46) : 

Congratulation Ham!

Warmest Greeting form Bahrain!


Blogger MarkF said ... (10:38) : 

Congratulations to you both !


Blogger The Greenwich Phantom said ... (12:11) : 

Congratulations to you both!


Blogger Carpedeum said ... (16:16) : 

Many Congratulations!


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (19:39) : 

Sheesh! 38, now 39, freakin' comments Ham! You should get married every day!

Denton, I love the "Yes Dear" comment. Better delete it Ham before Mrs. Ham sees it! (us guys have to stick together!)


Blogger Kate said ... (04:24) : 

Ham, I am so happy for you and also happy that you told us about it. I enjoyed seeing the family photograpy. A toast to your future with an abundance of happiness for you both.


Blogger sam said ... (14:05) : 

Happy Happy! Best wishes from the Southern End of Africa. The very best I can wish you is that you will be as happy as we have been for the last 31 years!


Blogger Unknown said ... (23:58) : 

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Ham!

Abundant blessings to both of you!


Blogger charlie said ... (16:06) : 

Congratulations to you both!!

Regards from Roy ,Mavis & all

the B... Family


Blogger Carlos Lorenzo said ... (21:44) : 

Congratulations to the newly wed.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:47) : 

Hearty congratulations from [near] Charleston, South Carolina USA!

Denise and Antony


Blogger Jenny said ... (22:41) : 

A very belated congratulations to both of you, from Sharon, CT USA!


Blogger Waldo Oiseau said ... (00:13) : 

A big congratulations, and best wishes for a bright, happy, and loving future!! Salut!


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