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Monday, November 19, 2007

Inside Out London

Shot with Olympus E510
Building sites are always fascinating, so much so that I think it is only a matter of time before there is a TV channel devoted to building sites, all they'd have to do is leave a camera pointed through a hole. Maybe they could have a celebrity building site, with a line of Very Famous People by the side of the site trying not to get distracted from the business of watching. Still, I quite like it when you see the building going up around a preserved wall.Here it is from the outside - you can't see much with the girders.

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Blogger Unknown said ... (22:18) : 

Ham, I'm sure your idea is being discussed at this very minute by the executives at Channel 4!

I expect it will be called something like A Hole In One.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05:44) : 

I've always been fascinated by the construction in the boroughs around the city. Except for London proper, there apparently are some strict codes preserving the outsides of the buildings - even those that look like they were built c. 1963. The buildings themselves are thoroughly gutted, and then they always seem to add 3 or 4 stories of "penthouse apartments" invariably made of steel and glass, stuck right on top of a brownstone or brick building.

Some of these buildings look wonderful, and it's great that they at least preserve the atmosphere it brings to a neighborhood, but some would be a lot cheaper and faster if they just required plans that matched the current facade. Especially for those 1960's buildings.

But my all time favorite "restoration" is in Salzburg, where they were restoring the birthplace of Mozart. I was walking past the site, and peered into the little construction wall opening. I was able to see what the house looked like. It was a hole in the ground. That's some serious restoration. I guess they decided to restore the garden with 18th Century dirt before they tackled "restoring" the empty sky above it.


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