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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The John Madejski Garden

Shot with Olympus E510
On Monday night I was the guest of Olympus at their VIP evening in the Victoria & Albert Museum, to look, touch and try the new E3. Not only that, but there were all the super-dooper bits of Olympus glass to play with.

I adored the E3, which is aimed the professional market; I felt I could quickly get used to it given half a chance.

This shot is of the John Madejski Garden, a magical place in the moonlight and recently created as part of the V&A refurbishement. I'd say money well spent, do come and have a look if you haven't seen the V&A in a while. Here is another shot, and you can see someone else's impression of the evening here

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Comments on "The John Madejski Garden"


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:48) : 

Despite my insane jealousy at your chumminess with Olympus - can you introduce a friend? - i observe that this photo is just great. Adore those reflections. Glad you had a good time GRR.


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:49) : 

Send them over to Cheltenham will you?


Blogger Shey said ... (10:18) : 

Great shot Ham. I like the way the sweeping lines of the steps lead the eye through the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:58) : 

Thanks Ham :)
I think the link should be since my blog sometimes moves fast :)


Blogger Helen said ... (12:22) : 

The John Madejski garden is gorgeous. The problem for us with longer memory is that at a rough reckoning the V & A changed that garden about three times in the last fifteen years, each time spending huge amounts of money on it. Let us hope they will stick with this one. I presume it is called after John Madesjski for a reason - that's where the money came from.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:50) : 

I must say that I think I read every word of this post and looked at the linked pages too. I like what you wrote and how you wrote it all and the new camera sounds like it might be something for me to investigate. I have Canon cameras which are very nice but Canon still puts the emphasis on the lens for IS and not the body. I think it is a mistake but they are starting to correct it in some of their cheaper models.

Anyway, my son is a pro photographer and shoots everything from nudes to golf courses and among his cameras are digital ones but his favorites are all Olympus. I suppose he has either seen this new model or will.

Nice post, Ham.


Blogger Lisi said ... (14:10) : 

I doubted and double is the second anniversary of London Daily Photo! Dear Ham, happy anniversary and best wishes to you and Mrs Ham :-)


Blogger Ham said ... (14:55) : 

Lynn - I can ask

Sheymouse - thankyou, 'twas a beautiful sight

Ghene - well, I thought latecomers could look through more of what you have :-)

OML - Your results with your Canon gear are always exceptional. The big deal of the Olympus gear is their size and weight, and bangs for bucks. The pro lenses are really rally cool. Did you see the EXIF data? these shots were handheld at 1/5 & 1/3 second? I suppose you must have given your comments on the body based IS.

Lisi - what can I say?? you are so right, thank you. I would have forgotten completely.


Blogger Chuckeroon said ... (16:10) : 

...I've already ordered my E-3...can't wait for it to arrive.

Lucky old you to get the D. Bailey.


Blogger Chuckeroon said ... (16:10) : 

...I've already ordered my E-3...can't wait for it to arrive.

Lucky old you to get the D. Bailey.


Blogger Gerald (SK14) said ... (17:21) : 

thanks for tackling my Sunday Puzzle - the answer was actually a squirrel's tale


Blogger Unknown said ... (21:04) : 

Would appreciate it Ham.


Blogger Unknown said ... (23:27) : 

What a great swimming pool. I never knew the V & A had one.


Blogger Beamer said ... (18:39) : 

Very Nice Shot. Love the reflections and the lighting.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:01) : 

Cool capture...

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:03) : 

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